Alicia Keys Releases "In Common," Her First New Single In Years — LISTEN

Remember the good old days when you couldn't escape the songs "No One," "If I Ain't Got You," or "Fallin'" on the radio? Well, even if those songs are still beloved by radio stations, Alicia Keys fans have a new reason to celebrate with Keys' new single "In Common." Not only does the release of "In Common" mark a departure musically from what is expected from Keys, the song — which hit the Internet in the late hours of May 3 — is her first single since 2012's "Girl on Fire." Yes, it has been a long four years since Keys gave fans new music and it has been worth the wait.

It's not like Keys hasn't been keeping busy outside of new music releases with appearances as Skye Summers on Season 2 of Empire and honoring Prince during a private concert, but you can't blame me for being thrilled that Keys finally has a new single. While the lyrics for "In Common" expertly express emotions of a relationship — something Keys has always been a master of — the song has a mellow, Latin beat that's unique for Keys. And not only do I need to thank Keys for giving the public new music and a new sound, but also for making listening to it so easily accessible since she released "In Common" on virtually every digital music platform available, including iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and YouTube — although no music video accompanies the song yet.

If the release of "In Common" has got you pumped for more Keys, then you're in luck since the talented artist has a lot of upcoming performances. Here's what else to look forward to from Keys following the wake of her new single.

Performing On Saturday Night Live

Keys first appeared on Saturday Night Live in 2001 — in the first SNL show after September 11. She also performed in 2010 when Charles Barkley was the host, but 15 years after her initial appearance, Keys will most likely be singing "In Common" on the iconic show on Saturday, May 7 when Brie Larson hosts.

Paying Tribute To Her Mom

Thos Robinson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

For Mother's Day, Keys has joined VH1 to honor her mom Terria Joseph, who has acted with her singer daughter on Empire. Hosted by Anthony Anderson, the "Dear Mama" Mother's Day special on VH1 will feature Keys, Alessia Cara, Queen Latifah, and Jaden and Willow Smith when it premieres on Sunday, May 8.

Pumping Up Soccer Fans

Perhaps the international vibe on "In Common" was inspired by Keys' upcoming performance at the Union of European Football Associations' (UEFA) Champions League final opening ceremony on Saturday, May 28. The massive soccer event will take place in Milan, Italy and Keys eloquently said about her appearance, "This is going to be a powerful moment in history and one that represents the spirit of all the similarities we share no matter where we live and who we are."

Coaching On The Voice

NBC's The Voice announced in March that Keys and Miley Cyrus would be filling in two of the judges' seats for Season 11 of the singing competition series. Good thing American Idol ended its run this year since The Voice has now officially become the more relevant show in the music industry. Anyone who gets Keys as a coach is not only super lucky and talented, but also guaranteed some invaluable advice from the 15-time Grammy winner.

Releasing A New Album?

Keys is clearly keeping crazy busy in 2016, but that doesn't mean the release of "In Common" shouldn't mean a new album from her. She promised new music for her UEFA Champions League final performance, but perhaps I shouldn't be too greedy since there has been no official word from Keys on a date just yet of when a new album will be released by her.

Guess I'll just have to make do with continuing to listen to "In Common" on repeat and checking out Keys in her plethora of upcoming events.