The Royal Family Has An Exciting New Pet

You know it's going to be a great day when you learn that a royal hamster named Marvin has joined the royal family. Yes, for real, Princess Charlotte and Prince George have a new companion in their pet hamster. While visiting school children at the new Magic Garden playground at Hampton Court Palace Wednesday in London, Kate Middleton revealed the exciting news about their newest family member. No word yet on if Marvin prefers to be called, His Royal Highness, Marvin the Hamster. But I'm sure he does, until you get to know him.

According to one of the children in attendance, Princess Kate "said she had a hamster, and Charlotte really likes it because the whiskers always tickle her face." I can't take the cuteness. As if the now 1-year-old princess isn't darling enough, imagining her playing with Marvin takes her adorableness to a new level.

Sadly, photos of Marvin have yet to be released, and it doesn't seem that Kate described him to the children. Here's hoping some type of royal portrait is released sooner rather than later. That said, I'm quite certain that he looks like most hamsters do. However, seeing as he is royalty, he just might be sporting a crown. Whatever the case, people have taken to Twitter to express their excitement over the royal hamster, all while speculating about what he probably looks like.

He May Have His Own Tiara

Because, why not?

He May Have Even More Tiaras

He could easily own more than one.

He Just Might Have A Crown, Too

It sits nicely on top of his head — and those cheeks.

Here's What He Probably Looks Like With The Kids

Yeah, the cuteness is real.

Here Is A More Accurate Picture

You know Marvin is totally lounging around the palace eating bonbons and whatever else the royal family probably indulges in. Hey, now that he is royalty, he can make himself comfortable. (Yes, I'm jealous of him.)

Keep your fingers crossed for a photo of Princess Charlotte and Prince George with HRH Marvin to be released, ASAP.