11 Types Of First Kisses You Had In The '90s

In the '90s nearly everything you did had a '90s flair, even kissing. Especially kissing. Can you imagine your kisses not being influenced by the era? As though kisses exist in a vacuum? I mean, I don't know for sure, but I'm assuming kids today will remember their first kisses with mouthfuls of Kylie Jenner lipgloss. Not with posters of Leonardo DiCaprio (not that I ever made out with a poster of Leonardo DiCaprio, what, you did, shut up). Throughout the '90s, you had different types of first kisses, just like you had firsts in all '90s activities. Your first Tamagotchi. The first time you got your mix tape recorded from the radio just perfect. The first time you spelled a swear word in your Hypercolor t-shirt before the color faded. Of course, none of this quite compares to the glory of a '90s first kiss.

If you're lucky, you're still experiencing first kisses now. I know it seems hard to imagine you've still got firsts, but trust me, you do. I bet few of you reading this have kissed at the top of the Eiffel Tower, for instance. So that would be a first. In the '90s, you had lots of very specific first kisses. Nineties kissing style was much more innocent, given that you were probably a kid or even a teen, and not really all that sexually aggressive. It was the discovery phase of sex. And it all started with a kiss (how did it end up like this?). Here are 11 types of first kisses you had in the '90s.

1. Your First Kiss With Your Pillow Boyfriend

Before social media we had pillow boyfriends. We couldn't stalk guys on Instagram and create fake relationships in our heads, so we did the next best thing and made a boyfriend out of a pillow. And full disclosure: we made out. A lot.

2. Your First Make Out With A Poster Of A Cute Heartthrob

Whoever you had torn out and pasted to your wall, whether Leo, J.T.T., Devon Sawa or otherwise, you definitely had a very awkward first kiss with them. And maybe many more after that.

3. Your First Kiss On The Cheek, Which Was The Most Scandalous Thing You Ever Did Up To That Point

In the '90s we were a bit more clueless than kids now and everything was way cuter. Everyone had a first kiss on the cheek which they talked about like it was super badass while pretending to clutch their pearls, but secretly feeling pretty horny over it.

4. Your First Adorable Lips Only Kiss With Your Childhood BFF

When you were about 10 you probably kissed your very best friend on the lips, just like in My Girl. Looking back, that was the sweetest kiss of the '90s.

5. Your First Spin The Bottle Kiss

I don't know if kids play spin the bottle anymore, but I do know that my younger siblings think it's lame that I've ever played it, so I'm going to go with "No they don't." But in the '90s, everyone was playing, and '90s kids all remember a sweaty palmed first game, and their first kiss, which hopefully was with the crush we were willing it to be at the time.

6. Your First Kiss In The Movie Theatre While Watching Something You Never Intended To Watch In The First Place

In the '90s, with no place other to go, we'd take our crushes to the movies, see films that were boring, and just make out the whole time instead. The first time you did it was a rite of passage in the '90s.

7. Your First Kiss Where You Grabbed Someone's Face Just Like You Saw Rachel Do In Friends

If you were kissing in the '90s you remember seeing the first time Ross and Rachel kissed in that dramatic scene at Central Perk. And you were definitely thinking when you kissed someone, you were going to grab their face like Rachel grabbed Ross's. And you did. And it was sort of weird and overly grabby but if Rachel did it, it must be sexy.

8. Your First Kiss With Your BFF To See If Maybe It's A Thing

In the '90s we were convinced by things like Saved By The Bell and Dawson's Creek that your BFF might be "The One". So you tried it on to see if it would fit with an awkward kiss. It probably didn't fit.

9. Your First Super Dramatic, Romeo + Juliet In The Elevator Scene Kiss

Everyone wanted a super dramatic, love at first sight kiss in the '90s. It's likely you invented one, and remember it as quite cringe-y, but only because it was really such a cliché.

10. Your First Cruel Intentions-Inspired Girl On Girl For No Reason Other Than You Saw Sarah Michelle Do It Kiss

If you were attracted to women and knew this early on, odds are this was still super awkward, because the '90s. And if you weren't attracted to women, you were too young to know it's not really cool to kiss just to be "trendy" or "cool" or "subversive" — but there's no denying that for a lot of us, the Cruel Intentions kiss happened anyway.

11. The One You Actually Count As Your First Kiss

And then there is, of course, the actual first. The story you still tell now when someone asks you if you remember your first kiss. Of course you do. You remember all your first kisses.

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