Who Is JT's "Can't Stop The Feeling" About?

Your nightly prayers to your childhood *NSYNC poster have been answered, because everybody's favorite ramen-haired frontman is back with new music after three years of radio silence. So the dry spell is officially over, and all there is left to do is answer the question — who is Justin Timberlake's "Can't Stop The Feeling" about? I'm getting word from my producers that once again, it isn't about me, despite my many requests that he write just one song with my full first and last name in it, and it also doesn't seem to be about any... cough... past relationships of Timberlake's.

Is it so wrong that I still hope every song he writes will give me some heretofore unknown information about his and Britney Spears' relationship? (This is the part where you say, "Yes Alexis, it is so wrong. They broke up over a decade ago. Get over it.") In any case, today is not my day, because "Can't Stop The Feeling!" isn't about Spears, or even Timberlake's much more, shall we say, current relationship with his wife Jessica Biel. Instead, it was written purely for the upcoming movie Trolls, for which Timberlake is both voicing an animated character and producing the soundtrack, and apparently contributing at least one song as well.

So, while it's impressive that he's involved in so many different ways with the film, there's not a ton of salacious gossip here, sorry guys. It's possible that Timberlake's relationship with Biel was on his mind during the writing period, but, at the end of the day, it's clear from the music video that this song really is tailor-made for Trolls. Just take a look.

The whole thing is structured around different members of the cast, like Anna Kendrick and James Corden, enjoying the song and dancing to it, so he couldn't have driven home the message any more effectively that this song isn't about his personal life at all. Just hopefully now the dam is opened, and we can expect more — and more personal — music from Justin Timberlake in the near future.