These 'Gilmore' Photos Could Wreck A 'Ship

I know we’ve all seen it by now. On Thursday, a photo of Alexis Bledel and Matt Czuchry on the set of the Gilmore Girls revival was released, and just about every single fan went crazy for it. It’s big news for those Gilmore Girls fans especially who have been dreaming about Rory and Logan getting together from the first time they spotted him at that staff meeting for The Yale Daily News. But before everyone gets settled in with the theory that they’re going to be steaming up the small screen in the Gilmore Girls revival, I have another theory that might just wreck the dreams of everyone who wants Logan and Rory to end up together.

Sorry, friends, but there is something else going happening on the Warner Brothers set that might just ruin any potential theories buzzing about because of this picture. In addition to Tanc Sade posting a picture of himself with Alexis Bledel and Matt Czuchry, a number of pictures have been cropping up from the Gilmore Girls set over the past few days that might hint at what’s really going on between these two ex-lovebirds. And I hate to be the one to ruin all of your fantasies about it, but I really think that what these two are filming is actually a dream sequence.

I know you hate me right now for saying all this, but I have to be honest. Because in addition to the photo of Bledel and Czuchry, a number of cast members have been posting photos from the set of dancers in incredibly over-the-top outfits and practicing some pretty serious choreography. And could that mean some choreographed dance number is going to happen between Rory and Logan? I mean, sure. Maybe. But these costumes are over-the-top, even by Emily Gilmore’s standards. Some of these dancers look like they came straight from the stage of Chicago.

And I ask you: When has there ever been that level of ornateness in Stars Hollow? Not even Taylor and Miss Patty could pull off something that opulent. Instead, I think what’s really going on here is that Rory is having some bizarre dream where she is either marrying Logan or engaged in some insane dance. And, in that dream — like Lorelai’s dream about Luke — she’s working through some of her biggest anxieties about turning Logan’s proposal down at the end of Season 7 and what her life could have been like with him if she had said "yes."

It’s not the most romantic theory, I know, but it’s the one that makes sense of all that costuming. Unless Taylor increased taxes and has even more money to put toward over-the-top events that take over the whole town.