Is There Hope For Haylijah On 'The Originals'?

Davina and Cami died on The Originals , but there is a silver lining: their deaths might just bring Hayley and Elijah together! That's right, the long-shipped couple of Hayley, Klaus' baby mama, and Elijah, Klaus' brother, could finally become a reality. In light of Klaus' tragic loss, the usually stoic vampire has decided to wear his feelings a little bit more on his sleeve, and in "Where Nothing Stays Buried," that meant telling Hayley to give her feelings for Elijah a real shot. (Yes, you read that right: Klaus is now acting as matchmaker.) So, Cami's death on The Originals could give Hayley and Elijah hope, but Haylijah is not a reality yet.

Though Hayley and Elijah spent most of this week's episode of The Originals apart, some might say that Haylijah are closer than ever. Having lost Cami, the love of his life (or one of them at least), Klaus encourages Hayley to let go of Jackson and move forward with Elijah while she still can. Because of their stubbornness Klaus and Cami only got to spend one real night together, so he knows a little bit about lost opportunities. While out in the bayou with Hayley, he tells her that she should tell Elijah how she really feels about it, assuring her that Elijah definitely still feels the same way.

When she finally got a chance to see Elijah again, they had defeated Lucien and kinda, sorta killed Davina. So, maybe not the best time to tell your child's uncle that you love him. Instead, Hayley sat with Elijah and the two cuddled on the couch in their grief. The fact that Hayley sought out Elijah's comfort is definitely a good sign for Haylijah shippers. We might be one step closer to seeing Elijah and Hayley finally get together!

Alas, things on The Originals rarely go according to fans' wishes. And we all know that as quickly as Haylijah could come together, they can fall apart. Still, I can't help but think that there might be hope for these two. Haylijah forever!

Images: Annette Brown/The CW; elijah-daily/tumblr