10 Things To Say To Your Dad On Father's Day To Show Him How Important He Truly Is

Father's Day is fast approaching, and if you and your dad have a relationship that isn't overly emotional, you may be at a loss for words when it comes to finding things to say to your dad on Father's Day. While all dads are different, there are definitely things that all dads want to hear, and using this day to maybe get a little sentimental is completely appropriate. Even if you've never been the type of person to celebrate Father's Day with a big party or anything more than a phone call, your dad will appreciate some time to see you and hear how everything's been going.

When you're younger, you kind of take your dad for granted. That is, you kind of see him as the king of discipline, and even if the two of you had a fun relationship, there was probably a moment or two when you thought that his final word was a bit harsh. As a kid, you don't understand why dad is so angry about you being a half hour late to curfew without a phone call — why should your good times be cut short based on a seemingly silly parental rule? Adulthood, however, makes you realize that he simply put these plans in action because he cared about you so much. And it'd be weird to thank him for putting in that effort during a normal, everyday conversation. Father's Day is the perfect day to relay these feelings, and let him know that you're completely sorry for all of the screaming matches you may have had in the past that were fueled purely by teenage rage and rebellion. Hey, even if you're not sorry (I mean, you were a kid) it's nice to let him know that you've understood these interactions even more with age.

Here are 10 other things your dad would be absolutely thrilled to hear on Father's Day. These simple words will make sure he definitely has a day to remember.

1. "Thank you"


Sounds a little generic, but honestly? These two words can really make a big difference. This is the man who kept you clothed and fed for years, and quite possibly put his own dreams aside for the greater good of the family. You can never say thank you too much. It shows that you're at least acknowledging all he's done, and are appreciative of him for being such a strong influence on your life.

2. "I appreciate the time you put forth to support (insert activity)"


We're often involved in a lot of weird sports and clubs when we're young. It's part of socialization for sure, but when you had the dream of being a professional magician, your dad got you the kit and considered sending you to camp. When you decided that tennis might be the one sport you'd excel at, he looked up places to get you started. If you've ever been part of a swim team, your parents dropped you off at the community pool, and then watched you doggy paddle around for hours in the sun. Even if your dad knew that a certain activity might not last for long, and that your magician dream would likely be dropped, he still made an effort to widen your interests and increase your knowledge. He deserves a nice pat on the back for that.

3. "You'll always be my mentor."


After I got married, my dad had a tough time figuring out his "role." Obviously he knew I was an adult, and many decisions I'd make would be a collaboration between me and my husband, but after holding a certain responsibility after 29 years, it was hard for him to quit giving fatherly advice. I told him that no matter what, he'd always be a great source for me. Just because I'm married doesn't mean I no longer need fatherly wisdom every once in awhile. While my dad doesn't control any of my decisions, he knows that his input is always accepted when asked. Knowing that his job wasn't necessarily done meant a lot to him.

4. "I'm glad for the way our relationship has grown throughout the years."


On a similar note, the older you get, the more your relationship with dad changes. He might even have morphed into more of a "friend." Even though your dad may have joked that you'd be packing your bags and moving out the moment you turned 18, surely he's glad that you're still a very important person in his life.

5. "What do you want to do today?"


Remember, this is his day. You shouldn't be getting final say on the celebration, unless your dad openly told you to make that choice for him. Even if you have no interest in marathoning the History Channel, it's not the time to sigh and suggest something you think is much better. Ideas should always be on the table, but dad gets the final say today. He'll appreciate being fully in control of the plans — after all, as a dad, he probably never had a whole lot of time to marathon television as he would have liked.

6. "I look up to you."


Everyone likes feeling respected, and this phrase just oozes with respect. It shows him that you approve of his way of handling situations, and want to make sure you act in a similar light. This will melt your dad's heart, as it'll tell him that he did a truly superb job fathering you.

7. "Seems like we really have a lot in common."


Do you remember the final episode of King Of The Hill, when Hank realizes that he finally has something in common with Bobby? Their love of a properly cooked, grade-A steak finally brought them together, and they grilled side-by-side before the credits rolled. It was a pretty amazing, and super satisfying, ending for someone who struggled to relate to their own kid. A lot of times, similarities like this come with time. But when you find one, it's the ultimate bond. Your dad will realize that yes, you share similar genetics, but there's so much more to the relationship that truly makes you his son or daughter.

8. "I respect you."


Respect is a big deal. If you two differ on, say, political candidates, you don't always have to agree. But if he argues his case (and likely he will) you can at least respect the fact that he's tried hard to pay attention and get information about something that'll affect a lot of people. You should always respect your dad — even if he's made a few goof-ups in the past, he's only human. And respect is pretty much saying that in your eyes, his opinion and point of view will always be important.

9. "Tell me about ____"


Fathers have plenty of stories to tell. Unless you ask, you might miss out on hearing them. As we get older, our dads are more willing to share "fun" stories — they've likely had a few bad bosses in their day, a few funny first dates, and a couple wild college parties that they'd like to recollect on. After all, your dad was both a rebellious teen and a clueless college kid before, just like you.

Even if your dad isn't the type to open up about personal stuff, he'll likely share more about his interests if you question it. That shows that you're curious about his hobbies, which you should be.

10. "We should spend more time together."


If you've moved far away from the nest, your parents probably look forward to your hometown visits even more. And not to be grim, but your parents won't be around forever. Spend time with your dad while you still can, and continue creating memories that you'll someday be able to share with your own kids.

If visiting is tough, even a weekly phone call will help you feel more connected. I mean, while Father's Day is a fantastic holiday, you should try and keep a healthy relationship with your dad year-round.

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