What Being A Male 'Gilmore Girls' Fan Is Like

When Netflix first announced that it would be rebooting that early 2000s small town-set pop culture reference-laced witfest known as Gilmore Girls, there were few people who were more excited about the news than I. This may surprise a lot of people because, as you may have noticed, I'm not a woman. Yes, I am a male Gilmore Girls fan — and as I've learned over the years, some people have a problem with that and feel the need to let me know.

Typically, people are good about not saying anything insulting to me about liking Gilmore Girls, but I'm sure they've definitely thought that it's weird. After all, Gilmore Girls is a show for women, right? I mean, the word "Girls" is right in the title, so obviously men aren't allowed to watch, right? Wrong. First of all, anybody can watch any show they want regardless of gender; it's just silly to think otherwise. But beyond that obvious fact, Gilmore Girls is just a great TV show. It transcends not only gender but genre. It can be funny, it can be dramatic, it can be romantic. It's consistently well-written with a memorable cast of characters in whom any viewer could easily become emotionally invested. So here are 11 things I imagine people think about me as a male Gilmore Girls fan, along with my responses.

1. There’s No Such Thing As A Male Gilmore Girls Fan

Actually, there are a lot of us. Hell, there's even a podcast devoted to us!

2. That Show Is For Girls

Ugh, don't be ridiculous. Gilmore Girls is no more "for girls" than Star Wars is "for boys". Get over it.

3. How Can You Relate To It?

Well, let's see. It's a show about complicated familial and romantic relationships, financial struggles, and having to make the most out of your life when things don't go as planned. Gee, how could anyone relate? Also: Coffee.

4. You Just Watch It So Girls Will Like You

Umm, no. I don't base the shows I watch on what other people think. I watch shows that I enjoy. And I enjoy Gilmore Girls.

5. Are You Sure You're Not Thinking Of Entourage?

Please, don't insult me.

6. OK, Then You Only Watch It Because You Think One Of The Actors Is Hot

Fact: There has never been a TV show in the history of the world that did not feature at least one attractive woman. I do not watch all of them.

7. You’ll Never Understand The Bond Between Lorelei and Rory

Weirdly enough, guys can have close parental relationships, too.

8. I Bet You Can't Name More Than Three Characters

Lorelei, Rory, Emily, Richard, Luke, Paris, Michel, Lane, Mrs. Kim, Taylor, Miss Patty, Kirk, Christopher (ugh)... should I keep going?

9. This Will Surely Stump You: Jess, Dean, Or Logan?

Are you kidding? Jess in a landslide.

10. Are You Really A Gilmore Girls Fan?

Yes. Is that not clear?

11. Really?

Once again: yes.

Gilmore Girls is a great show, and the gender of who watches it shouldn't matter. I can't imagine anyone not liking this gem once they've been exposed to it.

Images: Warner Bros. Television Distribution; giphy.com