Too Faced's Latest Innovation? Funfetti Blushes

Can't stop, won't stop! Too Faced is introducing new products with incredible frequency. Co-founder Jerrod Blandino often takes to his personal Instagram to share teases of forthcoming products. Blandino's latest tease is the Too Faced Funfetti blushes. This teaser is a bit different than his usual hint. Oftentimes, the makeup guru shares a shot of what looks like a finished item that is thisclose to going on sale, like the Brow Quickie or the Sketch Marker Liquid Eyeliners. However, the Too Faced Funfetti Blush tease feels a bit more zygotic — that is, we're seeing a super early incarnation. Blandino posted a sheet of heart-shaped shades, each of which has a check box for "Acceptable" or "Not Acceptable" beneath it. So, it must be some sort of approval prototype.

When are these blushes available and where?

Well, your guess is as good as mine, Too Facers and makeup fiends! Blandino didn't share any pertinent details. What he did do is tag HSN, so these blushes could be exclusive to that particular retailer.

I love anything heart-shaped, so I am already on board with these blushes. One fan commented that the mosaic-like shades look like slices of meat, which made me cackle. That's not how my brain processes these images. All is see is pretty pinkness. And peachness. And purpleness.

How about you?

There are so many cracked earth-like color swirls. Since Blandino revealed that things like the Sweet Peach palette take months to manufacture, I am wondering if the Funfetti blushes are way off since this teaser feels like such an early stage of production. Or maybe the product is deeper into production and Blandino opted to share this photo now to keep us guessing.

Reactions run the gamut. Pepperoni? IDK. I'm not really seeing that. But maybe because I am a vegetarian? I am just seeing multi-color flow. Now I wonder if those test reactions might cause Too Faced to amend the "look" of these shades. You never know.

Still, can't you envision swirling a big, fluffy blush brush over one of these shades and swirling about for a custom glow?

Meanwhile, I am still impatiently waiting for more details on the Kat Von D x Too Faced collabo and the Too Faced x Nikkie Tutorials partnership. Things have been way too quiet on those fronts. But at least Mr. Blandino keeps giving us nuggets of info and awesome.

Image: Jerrod Blandino/Instagram (1)