Chris Evans' Best Non-Marvel Movies, Ranked

If Chris Evans' name wasn't synonymous with Captain America before the release of Captain America: Civil War, it certainly is now. For better or for worse, Evans will always be known as the actor who brought life to Captain America. But, despite the fact that most movie-goers only know Evans as the Marvel superhero, Evans' career extends far beyond the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Most recently, Evans took a turn behind the camera, directing his first feature film, Before We Go . The romantic drama received mixed reviews, but the movie, which he also co-starred in, is definitely far from the worst movie Evans has ever done. In fact, Evans' movie career is surprisingly decent considering how many movies he's been in — he has 42 acting credits on IMDb. If you love Cap, but want to see Evans in a role that doesn't involve the stars and stripes, here are 16 of Chris Evans' best non-Marvel movies ranked from worst to best.

Evans' filmography consists mainly of action movies, romantic comedies and the odd indie drama. Most are OK, some are bad, and some are excellent. No doubt Evans himself would like us to forget about a few of these films, but, as someone who has loved him since seeing The Perfect Score (2004), I never want to forget.

16. Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer

I know, Chris, you'd like us to forget that this movie ever existed. But, it did. Evans' second turn as Johnny Storm, aka the Human Torch, was a studio disappointment, but that's not to say that Evans wasn't as charming and sweet as possible. Lucky for Evans, Rise of the Silver Surfer wasn't his last time being a superhero. I think he really nailed it the second time, don't you?

15. London

In London, Evans played a guy trying to win back his ex-girlfriend, played by his rumored real-life girlfriend at the time, Jessica Biel. It's a mess of a movie, but it did give us this NSFW GIF.

14. The Losers

Evans made The Losers right before Captain America: The First Avenger, which is really for the best, as his success as Captain America completely overshadowed this poor graphic novel adaptation. Evans is quite literally the only reason to watch this movie.

13. Not Another Teen Movie

In his first leading role, Evans played Jake Wyler in this teen comedy parody of She's All That. Watching this movie, it's pretty clear Evans was never going to be the next comedic star, but, hey, at least he tried.

12. The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond

This romantic drama was based off an unfinished script from Tennessee Williams, and proves that some things are better left unseen. Pros include Evans in 1920s clothes and the lovely Bryce Dallas Howard. Cons include... the sappy plot and clunky dialogue.

11. The Nanny Diaries

Just one of the many movies Evans has starred in with Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow), The Nanny Diaries is one of those teen movies you watch as an adult and say, "I loved that movie?" In the film, Evans plays a character known only as Harvard Hottie, who falls in love with Johansson's struggling nanny. Evans plays the romantic interest role well, so, if you want to pretend to be romanced by a pre-Cap Evans, this could be the movie for you.

10. Push

One of Evans' non-superhero action movies, Push is about a group of young people with abilities (mutants, if you will) who must protect a special girl from a questionable government organization. The best thing about this movie is that Evans spends it chasing around and taking care of a young Dakota Fanning. So, if you want to treat your ovaries to some slightly-paternal Evans, Push is for you.

9. Playing It Cool

Playing It Cool, Evans' most recent romcom, boasts a stellar cast including Anthony Mackie, Michelle Monaghan, Topher Grace, Aubrey Plaza, and Luke Wilson as co-stars, but the movie failed to capture audiences. As far as romcoms go, it's pretty standard, but Evans has done better.

8. Fantastic Four

OK, I know what you're thinking: Fantastic Four was not a good movie. Well, in a post-Dark Knight and Avengers world, that might be true, but back in 2005 when Fantastic Four was released, the movie was a fun blend of goofy superhero tropes and action. Even if it doesn't totally stand the test of time, Evans' bright and fun performance makes this movie worth watching. (Plus, there's a scene where he wears nothing but a strategically placed pink, puffy jacket. So, there's that.)

7. Cellular

Another non-superhero action flick, Cellular saw Evans go head to head with Jason Statham as a man who receives a call from a woman who claims to have been kidnapped, sending him on a wild race to save her. Far fetched? Sure. But it's also a super fun and entertaining ride.

6. The Perfect Score

Confession: I love The Perfect Score. There was a period of about two years where I watched this movie at least two times a month. The movie, about a group of teenagers who decide to steal the answers to the SATs, is just damn good (and innocent) fun. It's also the first movie Evans and Johansson ever starred in together — get ready for major TBT vibes.

5. Before We Go

Director Evans debuted Before We Go at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2014 — not bad for a first time director. The movie caused a minor panic among Evans fans, as they feared he would ditch acting for good after completing his contract with Marvel, but that's no reason to hate on it.

4. Sunshine

If you like science fiction, then this Danny Boyle-directed film is a must watch. It's not a perfect movie, but it's thought-provoking and very unique. It will definitely show you a side of Evans you've never seen before.

3. Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World

Evans only has a minor part in this film as one of one of Ramona Flowers' many evil ex-boyfriends, but his scenes are by far some of the best in the movie. (Plus, Evans aside, Scott Pilgrim is a really good movie that you should definitely see if you haven't already.)

2. Snowpiercer

Snowpiercer is, like Sunshine, a sci-fi movie that lets Evans completely break free from his role as Captain America. A thriller about class, humanity and justice, Snowpiercer is a must-watch for any Evans fan.

1. What's Your Number?

What's Your Number? is by far the best romcom Evans has ever done. The R-rated comedy is pretty hilarious, with cameos by Andy Samberg, Chris Pratt, Anthony Mackie and Joel McHale, and nothing beats the chemistry between stars Evans and Anna Farris. Bonus: there is a scene in which Farris and Evans play strip basketball. You're welcome.

Evans is going to be busy with Marvel movies for the next few years, but according to IMDb, he'll soon be taking a break from fighting super villains in the upcoming movie, Gifted, from director Marc Webb.

Oh, Chris Evans, may your career be long and your biceps always be curled.

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