Why Did The Instagram Logo Change? The New Design Reflects "How Vibrant & Diverse Your Storytelling Has Become"

Hold onto your phones, Instagram fanatics, because there are some big changes occurring with your favorite app! You may be wondering why Instagram changed its logo, and what other changes are going on with your photo editing and sharing app of choice. After all, how else will you know when to post your latest #foodie picture of your breakfast? Or how to tag your bestie in an inspirational quote to get through the mid-week slump?

As of Wednesday, you'll see a difference in the appearance of the Instagram icon on your phone's homescreen and within the app itself, as well as in Instagram's partner creative apps, including Layout, Hyperlapse, and Boomerang.

So, what's the deal with Instagram's new logo? The photo sharing app transformed its iconic design into a brighter, more youthful and creative image that will likely speak better to its users. Formerly, the Instagram logo was a retro brown camera with a few streaks of color in the corner. Not bad, certainly, but perhaps "young" or "creative" would not be the first words it stirred in my mind. Polaroids have their limitations, after all. Now, though, the new Instagram logo is a gorgeous gradient of bright colors with the camera in a sleek, white design. Basically, Instagram now looks like it fits on your phone more than it fits on your grandmother's (though if your grandma's on Instagram, that's cool, too).

The new Instagram logo looks like this:

Within the app itself, you'll notice some changes as well. According to Instagram's blog post, the new design promises to "puts more focus on your photos and videos without changing how you navigate the app." It looks like they've placed a black-and-white design for backgrounds, icons, and menus, which gives Instagram a sleek finish. Ideally, this should make your selfies pop even better to show off your artistic flair. The idea, explains the blog post, is for "our updated look reflects how vibrant and diverse your storytelling as become."

Personally, I'm in love with the new logo and design. For an app that brings an old medium (photography) into the new world of technology every day, I'm not surprised that Instagram has decided to give itself a little update in the appearance department. For most of us, the app's main appeal is the ease with which we can edit photos, from cropping the size to adding filters, so that when we share pictures with our friends and loved ones, they look cool and express our artistry. Of course it makse sense for the logo and overall design to reflect artistry, creativity, and its ability to adapt to new trends.

You can check out the full video on Instagram's logo transformation right on their blog, below:

Images: Tim Guow/Pexels; Instagram