10 Beauty Habits You Should Def Ditch In Your 20s

Your 20s are a time to experiment with beauty. You should have fun and try new things. But it's also a time that can set up habits and routines for the rest of your life— ones that you maybe shouldn't keep. So it's good to go ahead and ditch certain beauty habits in your 20s so that you can go forth with the skin, hair, and even health you desire and deserve. Because, unfortunately, even some of the more seemingly superficial decisions we make now can have an impact down the line.

And sure, there will always be those days where we fall off the wagon. I mean, it's not like we can realistically clock a full eight hours of ZZs every night and still be able to go through a complete skincare routine two times a day (although we can dream). But by making concessions here and there, and slowly whittling away at your lazy-girl tendencies, you can have a beauty routine to be proud of, instead of stressing about how your current habits may come back to haunt you. So in honor of your future, here are 10 beauty habits that you should try to leave behind in your 20s so you can have beautiful and worry-free 30s and beyond.

1. Sleeping With Makeup On

We've all likely had those late nights where we just couldn't be bothered to remove our makeup before hitting the pillow. And while doing this once in a while probably isn't the worst thing you could do to your skin, making a habit of it could lead to some pretty unwelcome side effects. As Bustle writer, Marisa Dalpiaz, noted, sleeping in makeup could lead to clogged pores, speeding up the aging of your skin, and even bacterial infections. So to help keep breakouts at bay, and keep you skin healthy and aging at your natural pace, make sure to stop falling asleep before removing your makeup.

2. Skipping SPF

Maybe you could get away with not wearing sunscreen and still not burning when you were younger, but SPF isn't just about not burning. It's also about preventing sun damage. Dr. Lotika Singh of Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York explained to Bustle writer, Lindsey Rose Black, that skipping sunscreen could lead to a whole host of problems including sun spots, broken blood vessels, and potential scarring and skin cancer (to name a few). So if you want your skin to continue looking your age, it's time to reevaluate just how necessary SPF is in your beauty routine.

3. Losing Sleep

Late nights and early mornings don't really go together all too well. But our 20-something selves can tank the loss of sleep, so it's OK, right? Well besides how not getting enough sleep can negatively impact everything from your energy levels to how your brain functions, to maybe even your lifespan, it also totally messes with your skin. So if you want to ditch sallow skin and puffy eyes, you should also ditch the habit of not collecting your nightly beauty sleep.

4. Sticking With The Same Routine

There's nothing wrong with sticking with what you know and what works for you. And it's also really good to have a routine. However, if you continuously use the same products because you're hesitant to try something new, you could easily become stuck in a makeup or skincare rut. Because formulations are always improving, and you could even learn something about yourself or discover something new you enjoy, it's good to switch things up now and again. After all, your beauty habits help shape who you are.

5. Washing Your Hair Everyday

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Maybe you wash your hair everyday because you feel like it gets oily everyday. But Lynne Goldberg, dermatologist and director of Boston Medical Center's hair clinic, explained to Business Insider that if this is the case, you may be stuck in a vicious cycle. This is because shampooing your hair too much can actually dry out the scalp and cause it to produce more oil. So while it may seem counterintuitive, washing too frequently can often do more harm than good. Therefore, to keep your hair healthy and strong instead of dry and brittle as you get older, try washing every other day instead.

6. Skipping Moisturizer

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Especially if you have oily skin, you may feel like it's OK to skip moisturizer. But this step in a beauty routine is a must. If you can break the habit of skipping moisturizer, you may also be able to break the cycle of some other skin woes that you may not have realized are related to your moisturizer usage. Some of these things include that tight, itchy feeling; aggravating your acne; making your skin more vulnerable to sun, wind, and product damage and irritation; and even prematurely developing fine lines and wrinkles.

7. Tanning


As addictive as tanning may be, it does more to your skin than just give it a richer color. According to Dr. Hadley King, MD, it's one of the worst habits that could damage your skin. That's because not only does it lead to premature aging, but it also increases your risk of developing skin cancer. If you crave being a darker-than-natural hue, try means other than UV rays for tanning your skin so you won't have to deal with nasty side effects in the future.

8. Rubbing Your Eyes


Whether you're sad or sleepy, whether you're wiping away tears or trying to stay awake, it doesn't change the fact that the skin around your eyes is thin and sensitive. Rubbing too hard or too frequently can have some pretty unwanted consequences. So if you'd rather not develop fine lines prematurely, or even cause an infection or damage your vision, it's best to go ahead and cut this habit out of your life now.

9. Over-styling Your Hair

Just like our skin, as we become older, our hair doesn't handle and bounce back from certain abuses as easily anymore. And yes, all of that heat styling and dyeing does count as stress put on your locks. Plus, if your hair is allowed to become too damaged, all you can really do is wait for fresh, healthy strands to grow out (which could take years). So you never get to this point, try to start cutting back on how often you heat or chemical-style your hair.

10. Picking Your Skin

I hate to say it, but one of the most tempting things in life is popping pimples. Unfortunately, for your skin's sake, it's also one of those things that you really shouldn't do. And even though there is a way to pop zits safely if you must, to avoid scarring and perpetuating your acne, this is one habit you should definitely ditch now.

After all, breaking certain beauty habits in your 20s really can help you have more beautiful decades to come.

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