This Is Prince George's Favorite Book

by Emma Oulton

When Prince William went to visit a primary school in Oxford, he let slip arguably the most important piece of royal information we've heard so far: Prince George's favorite book. The adorable prince hasn't made that many public appearances — but every time we catch a glimpse of him or his gorgeous little sister, Princess Charlotte, they manage to absolutely melt our hearts. (Like George's first day of school outfit, or the time George met Obama in his dressing gown —squee!)

It feels like yesterday we learned about Marvin, the royal pet hamster, and now we have another glimpse of what life is like in the royal nursery. Because thanks to Prince William, we now know that Prince George's favorite book is The Gruffalo .

The Gruffalo is a beloved children's book by author Julia Donaldson, that tells the story of a mouse who makes it through the forest unharmed — by inventing a fictional monster called a gruffalo to threaten any animal who tries to eat him. To the mouse's terror, he then stumbles across an actual gruffalo — yikes. Luckily, the cunning little mouse has a plan: he boasts to the gruffalo that he, the mouse, is the most feared beast in the whole forest. To prove it, he leads the gruffalo back past all the animals he met earlier. At the sight of the gruffalo walking next to the mouse, they flee at once — convincing the gruffalo that the mouse is pretty scary after all.

Oh to be a fly on the wall at storytime in the palace...!