Celebrate Memorial Day Without Leaving The House

by Chrissa Hardy

There is nothing better than kicking off a long weekend knowing you won't have to put on pants. While most holiday weekends include crowded, holiday parties, there are plenty of ways to celebrate Memorial Day weekend without leaving the house. And for most homebodies and introverts, getting a free pass to avoid a social gathering is like winning the lottery. It is an amazing feeling.

Besides, Memorial Day weekend is the official kickoff to summer, and there will be puh-lenty of summer parties ahead, so why not use this weekend to chill and enjoy your own company? You still have July 4th, Labor Day, and many weekends in between, so there will be tons of opportunities to meet up with friends. Alone time is important, especially if you can do it sans real pants, so use this weekend to just stay home.

So once your workday concludes, get home, let your hair down, and get ready to rage in your own zen-like way. Put your own needs first, and do whatever you want, without having to compromise, even for a second. Do you, boo! It might end up being the best weekend you've ever had. Here are all the ways to celebrate Memorial Day without actually going anywhere.

1. Host your own party

Just because you'll be home doesn't mean you need to be alone the whole time. Invite your besties over and have an intimate Memorial Day gathering. Throw on Twister, or Now and Then, or any other classic '90s summer movie, and have an epic girls' night. Actually, that leads me to my next point...

2. Watch all the summer movies

If you grew up in the '90s, then summer isn't summer without watching '90s summer movies. They will hold your BBQ-and-ice-cream-loving heart for all eternity. I'm talking The Sandlot, Now and Then, Twister, A League of Their Own, Harriet the Spy, and so many others. Watch 'em all.

3. Get out your bathing suit

Every body is a beautiful body. So, celebrate yours by rocking your swimsuit around the house, in your backyard, on your balcony, rooftop, or wherever you want. Own it.

4. Bust out the fruity cocktails

There's no better time than this weekend to dust off the blender and make some refreshing, sweet adult beverages. You aren't leaving, so you aren't driving. Have your own private cocktail party without being surrounded by eight million people. Score!

5. Create the perfect summer playlist

Summer playlists are the best playlists of all. They combine everything fun, catchy, and upbeat, and are often used as the soundtrack to the best memories you'll make in your life. So take your time, and curate the best summer playlist yet.

6. Sleep in — way in

Remember when you were a carefree kid and could sleep until noon on a Monday during the summer and there were no serious ramifications? Wasn't that the best? Well, a three-day weekend is the perfect chance to relive those glory days by sleeping as late as you darn well please.

7. Bake some Memorial Day treats

Whip up some baked treats, and don't share them with anyone. This is a holiday, after all.

8. Use this time to implement some self-care

Give yourself a mani-pedi, rock a face mask, and a DIY hair mask. Organize your closet. Clear out the clutter. Let the fresh air in. Use this long weekend to practice luxurious self-care, and get organized. You'll feel like a boss and a goddess by Tuesday.

9. Pay tribute to those who fought for our freedom

Most importantly, remember what this holiday is actually about. It's a day of remembrance for all those brave souls in the military who have lost their lives keeping us safe and preserving our freedom. Say a prayer, send an email to the family of a fallen soldier, or donate to a charity that supports our troops. They deserve more than they currently get. They deserve everything.

Image: Yanko Peyankov/Unspash; Giphy (9)