11 Struggles Of Getting Dressed In The Summer

When the winter is as brutal and as long as this last one was, a person can usually barely contain themselves once summer is approaching. But with the shedding of winter coats and snow shoes can come another dilemma: The struggles of getting dressed during summer. Don't get me wrong. I'm just as excited as the next guy not to have to reach for another duvet-thick coat for a couple of months. It's going to be amazing to feel sunshine on my bare shoulders and to wear short shorts again because, honestly, I don't really remember what that feels like anymore. But you have to admit that once that thermometer starts rising, we're often met with a new set of problems.

Whereas in times of chill the issues were windburn and frost bite, now it's pit stains and frizzy hair. We have a whole medley of new things to worry about, be it remembering to shave our armpits (sigh, probs not), seeking the right kind of bra to match with that see-through dress, or figuring out whether or not we're about to sweat through that shirt or freeze on our commutes to work. But it's all doable because we know there won't be anymore cold fronts on our horizons. That said, below are 11 usual struggles of getting dressed in the summer.

1. The Choices Are Overwhelming

Should you wear those shorts and crop top today, or that amazing summer dress? Maybe a pair of pants with a crazy patterned blouse, or a maxi skirt for ultimate bohemian potential? The choices; so many choices. It's hard to settle on just one thing.

2. But Then Again, You Miss Your Cozy Clothes

You would broil alive in a pair of jeans, so those are out; and what you would give to experience a cup of hot chocolate while wearing a cozy cardigan. While summer clothes are all sorts of fun to play with, a piece of you will forever miss your infinity scarves.

3. Your Love For Black Is Frowned Upon

You know people give you looks, but you still can't help but dress head to toe in black. You're acutely aware that there are all sorts of popsicle colors waiting for you inside store windows, but there's something about black shorts and a black tee that's so "you."

4. And Bras Are An Issue

With all the different necklines, cut-outs, back styles, and delicate materials of summer clothing, a person has to own about 15 different kinds of bras to keep up. I say, who has that kind of money? Free the nipple instead, y'all.

5. Think Of All The Sweat

Sure, you looked adorable inside your apartment when you first got dressed. But give it an hour outside in the elements and your makeup is melting faster than a double-scoop ice cream cone, you have pit stains the size of appetizer plates, and you wouldn't dare let someone hug you lest they wring you out like a dish towel from the motion. It was lovely while it lasted, I suppose.

6. And Then All The Cold

On the flip side, the second you enter an enclosed space, the A.C. is usually cranked up so high you break out in a wave of goosebumps. You're forever carrying around a cardigan just so you don't catch pneumonia on a 95-degree day.

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7. Your Shoes Might Become Kind Of Gross

Whether they're kind of stinky from the lack of socks, have that embarrassing foot imprint on flip flops, or are grass stained and mud splattered, it's super hard to keep shoes intact during the summertime. This can lead to a lot of heavy sighs come morning, when we're trying to pick out the perfect pair.

8. There Are Too Many Styles To Keep Up With

I feel like I get a Sméagol level of greed towards clothes when it comes to the summertime. There are just so many styles to choose from. And they roll in all season long. From interesting cuts of pants, to new themes, to a constant parade of accessories and more dresses than I can physically count, it's hard to keep my heart rate steady when I think of all the stuff I could someday own. And all the stuff I don't yet have in my closet.

9. You Won't Be Sure How To Jazz Up An Outfit

When it was fall or winter, you could usually make an outfit interesting with clever layers and carefully chosen accessories. But when it's too hot to even wear a bra? There's no chance of that. You just have to make do with one-dimensional outfits, and if you're an aspiring fashionista, that can make your eye go into a twitching frenzy.

10. Or Know What's Appropriate Or Not

Can you wear that short dress to the office? Surely wearing short shorts to a fancy bar is A-OK when it's 95 degrees outside? Will that shift dress be seen as classic or just too casual? What are the rules?! When it becomes sweltering out and your mind flips to survival mode, it can be difficult to determine what's appropriate and what's not when it comes to tiny hemlines.

11. There's Just Way Too Much Inspiration

Now that everyone has shed their puffer coats and their miles of scarves, everyone is looking like a street style icon outside. Which means you have way too much inspiration to choose from, and way too many people you probably want to emulate. While it's dizzying how fab every human looks, it's also super exciting.

Regardless of the struggles, however, I think it's time we utter a yay for summer and for no longer having to hide underneath duvet-like coats!

Image: rantiinreview/Instagram