7 Reasons Getting Dressed In The Summer Is Both The Worst And Best Experience

Summer is the perfect time of the year to do a lot of things, considering that the three hottest months of the year are ideal for vacationing, eating watermelon, and, of course, getting that extra Vitamin D that we all crave once the trees start blooming again. But you know what's not as "rainbows and butterflies?" — summer fashion problems.

Hear me out: Let’s compare fall/winter fashion to spring/summer fashion, shall we? Fall/winter has lush, luxurious fabrics that layer and drape in rich, deep hues, with pops of bright colors that make statements. These fashions are both soft in structure and subtle in patterns, topped with covetable, stand-out accessories. When it comes to spring/summer collections, though, we're presented with way too many florals and a mix of overwhelming colors and prints that barely leave anything to the imagination.

That’s not to say I’ve never liked a spring/summer collection, or that I completely hate S/S fashion and just stay naked for this part of the year. It’s just that I personally prefer getting dressed when the weather is cooler, which also happens to be when I’m most inspired by fashion and when I’m feeling most creative in expressing myself via sartorial means.

If I could hibernate through these next couple of months, I would. But I can’t. So for all my fellow summer-haters out there, here are seven totally real, relevant reasons that only prove why getting dressed in the summer absolutely sucks. Just to end things on a high note, however, I'm including three reasons why summer is actually not all bad. But don’t let that part confuse you: I still hate warm weather fashion and style.

1. Wearing All-Black Is Like Death

Who was it that said, “I’ll stop wearing black when they start making a darker color?” Because that person gets me. I am almost always wearing the color black. Look into my wardrobe, and you will see how every other item is either completely black or has black as an accent hue.

As you can imagine, this is quite the deviation from the typical colorful wardrobe of someone who loves spring and summer. It’s near impossible to wear my favorite all-black ensembles in the spring and summer because if I do, I’ll burn at the first sight of sun. Dark colors are welcomed, if not required, for fall and winter. So excuse me while I pretend like I’m a vampire and linger in the shadows clad in the darkest of clothing.

2. Everything. Is. Too. Hot.

And on that note, it’s too hot to even want to wear anything at all. It is so hot outside that not even air conditioning can console and calm our sweaty, sticky bodies. It’s OK, we have all been there. Sure, this is prime time to wear as little as clothing as possible, aka a bikini, on the shore of a beautiful beach. And while that’s great for summer vacation, that’s not the reality for the majority of summer. So join me in counting down the weeks (days, hours) until it’s a crisp 60 degrees come October — when you can wear anything and everything in your wardrobe.

3. Because Shaving Every Day Is Ridiculous

Last winter, I went three weeks without shaving. Three. Whole. Weeks. As someone whose preference is to shave rather than go au naturale (and obviously shaving should be a personal preference), that’s nearly impossible for me to do in the spring or summer. Because I had the excuse of staying warm and cute, I was wearing long pants and paneled leggings. And even when I wore a short skirt or dress, I would be able to cover my hairy legs (so hairy I could almost braid them) with pretty tights.

Unfortunately, it’s so hot and humid in the summer it would be nearly impossible to pull this off. Have fun nicking and cutting yourself with every shave. Isn’t fall/winter sounding like a dream at this point?

4. Sun Burn And Tan Lines Are Inevitable

Unless you’re very much on your sunscreen A-game, you have probably left your home without wearing SPF. While we’d all like to be smeared in sun protectant all the time, it’s often an afterthought, or a very big regret — especially when we find our shoulders red or a farmer’s tan on our arms. This isn't a problem in the winter when the sun is hidden by beautiful gray clouds, though. So while we should always wear sunscreen no matter what time of the year it is, at least in the winter there's no worry of weird tan lines or random sunburns.

5. Florals

It was Miranda Priestly in the book made film The Devil Wears Prada who said it best: “Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.” There’s nothing new or exciting about florals, especially in the warmer months, as Priestly explained. I guarantee you that a floral pattern in a dress, skirt, shorts, blouse — you name it — has been done before. It’s getting harder and harder for florals to be original and unique. They may be considered classic, but to me they’re boring.

6. Itchy, Scratchy Fabrics

Imagine yourself getting dressed in the morning and reaching for a cozy, soft, cashmere sweater and then pairing it with a fleece-lined pair of black leggings and finishing off your look with a pair of soft suede boots. Yes, that is what dreams are made of. Not the regular, scratchy polyester you find on most dresses and the uncomfortable cotton and linen that will stick to your body and show off all your sweat. Need I say more?

7. It’s Too Easy

Sure, everyone loves the basic summer outfit of cut-off shorts and a tank top. But is it just me or does that get boring really quick? Because the sheer cold temperatures require so much more clothing to stay warm, it’s much more of a creative process than simply throwing on a pair of shorts and a shirt. I like a style challenge, so the sheer ease and simplicity of getting dressed in the spring/summer is an annoyance to me.

I know, you think I am crazy. Which is why I also have some good things to say about getting dressed in the spring and summer.

1. Florals?

OK, OK. I'll admit it. I’m just as much of a sucker for a good floral as I am an all-black outfit. I will say that I prefer a floral in a non-typical situation, like at a winter event juxtaposed with fallen leaves or snow, but I can bare it in the spring and summer, too. I guess it’s just the spring baby in me (my birthday is in April), but a good, clean floral is definitely something I would be excited to wear any time of the year.

2. Outfit Repeating

As juvenile as it is, it’s easy to judge a sartorially-minded person when they wear the same outfit twice within a few days. You don’t see Rihanna repeating outfits now, do you? That being said, wearing the same outfit twice in a week just isn't something we should be moaning about. Luckily, doing so becomes more justifiable in the warmer months because of how warm and unbearable it often is outside. So, go ahead and wear that adorable seer-sucker shift dress. Yes, it’s super cute, and no I won’t point out that you wore it last week.

3. Trying Out New Trends

It’s apparent when comparing fall/winter collections to spring/summer collections that there’s much more risk and variation in the designs of the latter. While we’re not all trend dare-devils, these upcoming warmer months are the perfect time to try out some new trends and styles we might not during another time of the year.

So while I might Miss Cozy, Fuzzy Sweaters, And Fitted Trousers, it’s nice to take this time to try out midi skirts, cut-outs, and maybe even a jumpsuit. Since life is a little less hectic during the summer, it’s a good time to take a chance on a trend I may not go for when I’m busier trudging through the snow.

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