Melisandre Isn't The Only Red Woman On 'GoT'

"Knowledge has made you powerful, but there's still so much you don't know." Those are the words said to Tyrion and a very skeptical looking Varys during the promo for next Sunday's Game of Thrones episode "The Door." However, it's not really important what the words are, but rather who they are coming from. Yes, it appears as though there is another Red Woman coming to Game of Thrones and she's wearing a very similar looking necklace to the one that Melisandre has. (You know, the one that hides her actual age and serves as the best form of makeup ever in existence.) So, who is this new priestess and what does she want with Varys and Tyrion?

Let's start with the easy question first. According to Vanity Fair, the new priestess' name is Kinvara, played by actress Ania Bukstein, who we were able to catch a glimpse of in one of the main Game of Thrones trailers prior to the Season 6 premiere. However, it remains unclear what her role will be moving forward. Given that she's decided to take up residence in the rather boring town of Mereen, I'm hoping she's there to work her magic and make this storyline interesting again.

Furthermore, it'll be exciting to see how Tyrion and Varys — two very intelligent and logic-based characters — will react to her beliefs in the Lord of Light. Because, yes, odds are that she and Melisandre (whether they themselves are friends or foes) are definitely of the same belief system. Not only do they share the same fondness for the color red, but as I mentioned before she's also donning the same necklace that we've seen Melisandre wear. Does this mean that she too is much older than she appears? Is this something every priestess receives on orientation day? And more importantly — does her presence in Mereen mean she knows something about Tyrion's parental lineage that we've only guessed at but never been able to actually confirm?

If the original Red Woman is going to keep close to Jon (a possible Targaryen), then it makes sense that another priestess would be keeping close tabs on the other possible Targaryen still in play, aside from Dany. Perhaps she's there to inform Tyrion of who he truly is. Could this be just wishful thinking on my part? Maybe. But Season 6 has already delivered a few shocking surprises. I wouldn't put it past the writers to make the new Red Woman's debut pack a serious punch.

Image: Helen Sloan/HBO