These Animated Tees Might Be The Future Of Fashion

by Gina Jones 2

That's it, guys: The future is finally here and we're living in it, as proven by Drawsta's animated T-shirts. Wearable technology may have seemed like a total fad — remember how well Google Glass worked out? — but these nifty new top designs by Drawsta are the kind of wearable tech that isn't out to change the world. They're just making it a bit more fun.

The brain child of Heather Lipner, creator of pop culture brand Clashist, you first purchase a T-shirt directly on Drawsta. They cost $48, which probably seems a bit pricey for the seemingly plain designs. But just wait.

As per the website, the next step is to download the Drawsta app (which is free). When you physically point the app in the direction of the T-shirt, different animated designs and videos will appear through the screen. You can record or make GIFs right on the app that capture your singing, dancing T-shirt and share them across social media however you see fit. It's fun, it's different, and it will totally elevate your Instagram posts to a whole new level.

Plus, this project is ongoing. Each week, a new animation will be uploaded to the app, so your Drawsta purchase will never get boring or dated. The app will also link you to information pertaining to the particular animation of the week, keeping the content not just entertaining, but educational.

Random T-Shirt, $48,

The T-shirts come in two styles — "Random" and "IRL" — both with a cute motif already printed on them. You know, so you're not just purchasing a plain tee for almost $50. The different names correspond to the unique content you can get for each product. The Random tee will get you random animations each week, while coming with three to five animations already on the app. The IRL T-shirt, on the other hand, will get you animations based on real life: Like Tina Fey pulling a stank face, for example.

As the project goes on, Drawsta hopes to use more and more contributions from artists, animators, and illustrators. You can even contact Drawsta directly if you're interested on collaborating on the project.

IRL T-Shirt, $48,

Additionally, the T-shirts come in standard unisex sizing, from small to extra large. The FAQ page warns that the tees may seem too big upon initial purchasing, but they shrink after the first wash to the appropriate sizing.

When it does come to washing your animated T-shirt, there's nothing especially tricky to it: Just wash it inside-out on a cold temp, which I'd recommend for any graphic tee, TBH. Both designs are also available in white or heather gray, so you have a choice between which neutral color you prefer.

These T-shirts are revolutionary in catering to what so many Millennials actually want from wearable tech: Something funny, quirky, and interesting. Something that will stand its ground and last for longer than a fad. Not something trying to change the way the world works, and failing.

Speaking to me via email, Drawsta creator Lipner discusses how the inspiration for this endeavor evolved naturally. "My last project, Clashist, was really known for its conversational prints and how social they were," she tells me. "People loved wearing, talking about it, and sharing them. I was trying to imagine how to deepen that content experience in a digital manner, thus the layer of animations tracking in front of the tee and content eventually was realized."

"I got very excited because I hate how there’s so much waste in the fashion industry and to reduce that carbon footprint and become a ‘renewable’ apparel line motivated me even more," she adds.

So get buying! You might just be the first person with an animated T-shirt selfie on their Instagram feed. But you'll also be supporting a designer and project seeking to promote sustainability.

Images: Courtesy Drawsta