34 'Bachelor' Alums Who Love Watching The Show

If I were ever on a reality show, I don't know if I would keep watching it once my season was over. On the one hand, I would obviously be a fan of the series, so it would make sense for me to have an interest in it. But on the other, I might not be able to deal with being faced with my reality show stardom coming to an end. For a franchise like The Bachelor that changes up the cast every season, I could see why a bunch of the alums still watch the show. It's not like they got fired from the series. Plus, I feel like it would be fun to watch the show knowing how everything works behind the scenes. It makes sense then that there are a ton of Bachelor and Bachelorette alums who still love watching the show and are very vocal about it.

They might even be bigger fans than you are. Even though the former Bachelor stars know exactly how it all goes down (if they were lucky enough to make it far when they were on the show), they still love to watch everything happen from an outsider's point of view. Plus, it's probably a lot less stressful to watch if your heart and dignity aren't on the line in such a public manner.

Which alums are the biggest Bachelor fans around?

1. Chris Soules

Chris Soules was not at all bitter about passing his Bachelor torch to Ben Higgins. He tuned in every week and was not afraid to admit it. The former Bachelor was super vocal on Twitter about his opinions throughout the season.

2. Ali Fedotowsky

Even though Ali did not end up with her Bachelorette pick, she is still a faithful viewer of the franchise. She has even turned her unborn child into a fan.

3. Sean Lowe

If you love all things Bachelor, you really need to read Sean Lowe's tweets on Monday nights. Even though he is one of the few Bachelor stars who ended up with a happy marriage from the show, he seems to make fun of the show the most.

4. Catherine Giudici

Since Sean Lowe watches every week, it makes perfect sense that his wife would be sitting on the couch right next to him and tweeting her thoughts, as well. Catherine was super invested in the last season of The Bachelor and loved more than one contestant (just like Ben).

5. Andi Dorfman

Andi has really been through it all as a Bachelor contestant and as a Bachelorette herself, but she is still super into the show. She is all about The Bachelor and is very honest in her opinions — no sugar coating here.

6. Nick Viall

This dude loves The Bachelorette so much that he was in the final two twice, so it is not super shocking that he has been keeping up with the franchise. I guess if he can't be a contestant on every season, he might as well get vicariously invested by watching the show every week.

7. Trista Sutter

Trista was the first Bachelorette and she ended up with a successful relationship from the franchise, so it makes sense that she believes in the show and supports the process. Trista definitely got emotional during that Ben-Lauren-JoJo love triangle, and I so don't blame her.

8. Ryan Sutter

Ryan was tweeting his opinions on the ladies and who he thought would prevail throughout the whole season. He was right about his prediction for Lauren B winning Ben's heart, and I'm sure that he will end up watching JoJo's turn as the Bachelorette, as well.

9. Becca Tilley

Whenever Becca is not a contestant, it seems like she is fanning out just as much as the rest of us when it comes to the shows in this franchise — especially since she's become such good friends with many of the other women on the show. We all know that she will be watching her BFF JoJo when her Bachelorette season starts.

10. Shawn Booth

Shawn knows Ben from the season when they both vied for Kaitlyn Bristowe's heart. So it sounds super awkward, for Shawn to tune it to support Ben's quest for love, but weirdly isn't, I guess.

11. Kaitlyn Bristowe

I thought it would be kind of weird for Kaitlyn to watch her (sort of) ex Ben look for love during his season of The Bachelor, but she supported him by watching with her man, Shawn. Plus, she was friends with some of the ladies trying to get with him (weird, I know), so she watched to support them, too.

12. Ashley Iaconetti

Ashley is another Bachelor alum who is not at all shy about being a fan. She watches every episode and shares her opinions and hilarious insights on Twitter.

13. Juan Pablo Galavis

Apparently Juan Pablo has been keeping up with the franchise, but it seems he's doing it to scout for potential dates — not at all shocking.

14. Jason Mesnick

Jason found his wife thanks to The Bachelor after he was a contestant on The Bachelorette, so I can see why he would watch the shows still. Plus, it has to be a relief to not be at the center of controversy himself anymore.

15. Molly Mesnick

Molly was a very vocal member of Team JoJo during the last season of The Bachelor, so I'm sure that she will be tuning in to support her season on The Bachelorette.

16. Arie Luyendyk Jr.

Just like the rest of us, Arie did not understand how anyone could blindside someone as perfect as JoJo. Even though his time on The Bachelorette didn't end up in his favor, it's clear that he still enjoys watching the franchise. And it is assumed that he will be watching The Bachelorette to see more of JoJo.

17. Jillian Harris

I don't blame Jillian for cringing while watching Caila's fruitless quest for Ben's heart. It was just so awkward to watch, so tweeted along with the episodes was necessary.

18. Ben Flajnik

It's obvious that Ben Flajnik keeps up with the drama every season.

19. Tenley Molzahn

I definitely agree with Tenley's sentiments here. The Olivia bashing got old, really quickly, but I was still faithfully watching the show every Monday just like Tenley was.

20. Michelle Money

Michelle Money loves watching the show, live tweeting the action, and sharing her personal opinions — whether she is on the show or not. She is definitely a dedicated member of Bachelor Nation.

21. Brooks Forester

Brooks (awkwardly) let us all know that he is a fan of The Bachelor via Twitter. Sometimes less is more, Brooks...

22. Melissa Rycroft

It can be argued that Melissa suffered the most infamous heartbreak in Bachelor history, so I am really surprised that she is still watching, but it seems like the sting of her own heartbreak has worn off and that she has a sense of humor about it all now.

23. Desiree Hartsock

Desiree is married to her pick from The Bachelorette, so I get why she would be watching these shows. She keeps up with all the drama and has no issue sharing her opinions about all the crazy things that happen. (Looking at you, Leah Block.)

24. Clare Crawley

I was thinking the same exact thing when I watched this episode of The Bachelor. I'm sure I'm not the only one who agreed with Clare's thoughts while watching the season.

25. Lacy Faddoul

As another lady who has found love via a Bachelor show, it totally makes sense that Lacy watches.

26. Nick Peterson

Preach, Nick. I, too, did not understand how anyone his right mind could blindside JoJo like that. Hopefully, things go better for her when she gets her own season to find love.

27. Jade Roper

It is so weird to think that "nice guy" Ben got himself into such a controversial love triangle, but he did, and I can see why Jade got so invested in the situation.

28. Chris Strandburg

Ben might not have picked JoJo, but Chris would have if he was in Ben's position. Or at least that's what he thinks after watching her as the runner-up on The Bachelor.

29. Carly Waddell

Carly watches The Bachelor for the hope that a love story can give us all, and I completely understand where she's coming from.

30. Kupah James

He might have lost his shot with Kaitlyn Bristowe, but that didn't stop him from watching the next season in the franchise, and this tweet indicates that he will probably watch JoJo's season, as well. (Who isn't?!).

31. Chris Siegfried

Chris has no shame in his game. He is proud of his Bachelor fandom.

32. Jaclyn Swartz

Jaclyn really kept it real with her Twitter reactions in response to The Bachelor. She is definitely an invested fan instead of a casual watcher.

33. Brian Osborne

Not only was Brian faithfully following along with the series, but he also wished that he was a part of the action.

34. Whitney Bischoff

Whitney did not find a fairy tale ending from her time on The Bachelor, but that hasn't stopped her from watching the shows and supporting the friends that she made through reality TV.

The Bachelor and The Bachelorette alumni are a super supportive bunch. From weirdly befriending people who were competing for the same love interest, to rooting for exes searching for a spourse on reality TV, this group is very loyal to the franchise and continues to tune into every season.