Guy Wins Prom By Bringing His Cat As A Date

by Dasha Fayvinova

Prom is a stressful time in the lives of high school students around the country. And nothing puts a smile on my face like this guy who took prom pictures with his cat instead of stressing out about it. If I were to choose a picture with that adorable cat over the awkward prom photos with a guy I barely knew, I would choose the cat every single time. (Trust me, hands on the waist isn't cute when you haven't felt the touch of a man until that day.)

For me, prom was a whirl of picking out dresses I never wore again, paying money to get my hair and makeup done, and renting a giant limo that made me feel motion sickness all day. The only enjoyable moment was actually hanging out with my friends and reminding ourselves that we would remain close for the rest of our lives. All of that stress was over a single day in my life — no wonder I am so against having a traditional wedding.

Sam Steingard, on the other hand, had the idea idea. An 18-year-old from Germantown, Maryland, he decided that a welcome addition to his prom photos would be his best gal-pal date Ruby. Ruby is a gorgeous and unfairly photogenic cat. Her eyes sparkled in bright pink dress she wore for the occasion. No word on her opinions about the dress, or who the designer was, but Ruby posed and smiled and make Sam Steingard look like a champ. Who says your date has to be a human? Especially with all of those arbitrary laws regarding dress code.

Please play the following song Ruby by the Kaiser Chiefs while looking at pictures of Ruby and her owner.

This, my friends, is Ruby.

I wasn't kidding when I said she was gorgeous. So beautiful that she deserved her own Instagram account online, which you can find here. But the real gem are the pictures of Ruby with her prom date.

Look at how happy they are! It's also important to note that Sam and Ruby did not actually attend prom together. As it turns out, not only are proms cracking down on dress codes, they are also cracking down on the species that attend. This was a real shame in my opinion, because I would have loved to see a dance between the two. I guess I'll just have to imagine it — or I can just look at photoshopped pictures people posted to the internet.

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That's better.

Oh Ruby, you fantastical creature. Your mysteries will never be fully revealed, but I look forward to following your career. If you decide you do want to go to a dance with a human, I am totally available as well.

Images: Courtesy of Sam Steingard