Can You Wear A Tank Top To An Interview?

The temperature is rising and for folks on the lookout for a new job, there's likely one big question burning a hole in your brain: What should you wear to an interview when it's sweltering outside? You've probably pictured yourself in the hot seat, wearing every single thing in your wardrobe and contemplating whether or not you have to wear a suit to an interview. If you were job hunting 20 or so years back, you'd have been silly not to wear a suit, as suits were standard interview attire. Now, with the changing job market including startups everywhere you turn and a whole industry dedicated to the internet, the landscape is different.

However, do the impracticalities of wearing a suit in hot weather, plus the modern outlook of a contemporary jobs market, mean that you can wear a tank top to an interview? The answer is not black and white. Your main consideration should be to analyze the role you are applying for. If the company is a cool, new startup with a bunch of twenty-somethings at the helm, chances are they'll care more about your ideas and what you can bring to their team, and less about what you're wearing. However, if you're applying for a job which relies on presentation, such as a role in the service industry with a world renowned hotel, it might be in your favor not to wear a T-shirt to an interview with them.

The next thing to consider is the style of your tank top. Depending on the establishment you're hoping to join, you may want to shy away from super casual tank tops, because they could give the impression that you don't think very highly of the company, because you didn't bother to dress formally for their interview.

Your interviewer may get the wrong impression and think that if you didn't bother to dress up for an interview with them, then you're not all that bothered about landing the job. It's kind of sad that people are literally judging you on your appearance, however, an interviewer only has a short time to decide on an ideal candidate. If you and another candidate were equally matched in terms of skills and experience, but they wore a smart casual outfit, while you turned up in a super casual tank top, they may have an advantage over you. The safest option would be to wear a tank top that is slightly structured, embroidered, or subtly embellished.

If you're wanting to stay cool, calm, and collected during an interview, instead of wearing a tank top, consider a sleeveless shirt or blouse instead. Collarless shirts will work wonders in hot weather and there are so many styles of breezy blouses that will help you lean more towards the formal side of smart casual. On the other hand, if you really must wear a tank top, ensure you combine it with formal separates — like a pencil skirt, a blazer, and court shoes – so that your entire ensemble gives the impression that you dressed appropriately for the occasion. Happy hunting!

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Images: AngelinaLitvin, BenjaminChild/Unsplash; SnapwireSnaps/Pixabay; Isla Murray/Bustle