Most People Say This Would Improve Their Love Life

If you have yet to have shower sex, then put it on your summer sex bucket list. And, if you’ve yet to decide what celebrity you would like to have sex with in the shower, then get on that, too. Because, according to a new survey, people are fantasizing about shower sex with celebrities. I guess it’s a thing now.

The survey by Trojan Lubricants asked over 2,000 Americans, between April 8 and 12, 2016, their feelings on shower sex (and lube, of course). What they found was that when it comes to hot fantasy shower sex, Channing Tatum and Jennifer Lawrence came in at the number one spots, with Sofia Vergara came in second place to J.Law. As for who came in second place for the guys the survey didn’t say. Maybe because Channing Tatum is all anyone needs. After recently watching Magic Mike for the twentieth time, I tend to agree.

While shower sex is hot, it can also be dangerous. So much slipping and sliding, and if you get a little crazy with the shower gel, you’re going to make it even more slippery. Sure it’s awesome when you have your period — less mess — but other than that, it can be a tricky situation. Before I rain your sex shower parade anymore, let’s look at eight stats about shower sex.

1. People Want Their Lube In The Shower

Water may definitely wet, but it’s not slippery wet. Because that’s the case, when it comes to shower sex (or any kind of in-water sex), lube is your friend. According to the survey by Trojan, over 50 percent of people use lube when it comes to shower sex.

2. More Than 50 Percent Of People Want To Try Shower Sex

Although the survey found that one in three people have had sex in the water, 60 percent of people who haven’t really want to try shower sex. When that’s broken down by the men versus women, at 73 percent, men want shower sex more than women, at only 48 percent.

3. The Majority Of People Want To Have Shower Sex Again And Again

Of those who have had shower sex, 81 percent want to have it again. And again. And again. I’m not sure who these people are, but they clearly have never face planted on the floor of the shower. Good for them!

4. Shower Sex Is More Enticing Than Joining The Mile High Club

First of all, does anyone have sex on planes anymore? Between tight security, the tininess of the plane loo, and all the rest of it, it just sounds like a bad idea — I mean, hello? Leg cramp! But whether or not people are getting it on in plane bathrooms doesn’t matter, because 62 of Americans would rather have shower sex than plane sex anyway.

5. People Who Aren’t Having Sex In The Shower Are Definitely Fantasizing About It

Not only are people fantasizing about Channing, Jen, and Sofia when it comes to shower sex, but one in three people in relationships fantasize about shower sex with their partners, too. Which begs the question: What's stopping you?!

6. Sex On the Kitchen Floor Is So Passé

Not only are people opting for shower sex over sex in a plane, but they even prefer it over sex on the kitchen floor. Over 50 percent of people, when presented with shower sex or kitchen floor sex, decided to go the shower sex route. But hot, angry, makeup sex on the kitchen floor is so delicious!

7. Summer Is The Most Favorable Month For Shower Sex

Although any season seems like a good season for shower sex, 56 percent of those surveyed said that the summer is the best for season for shower sex. Which seems odd, because don’t most people take cooler showers in the summer? And isn’t there something called “shrinkage?” I would think it would be hard to have sex with a shrunken penis. But maybe it works for some people.

8. Shower Sex Can Still Be Dangerous

My personal failed shower sex incident aside, shower sex is still dangerous. So dangerous that when Ranker crowdsourced over 32,000 people to find the “worst” places to have sex, it was on the list. While the number one “worst” place to have sex is the great outdoors, the number two spot went to sex in the shower. And it wasn’t even that far behind number one. But hey, if you lay down some rubber, keep the lube on your body and not on the floor of the tub, and take advantage of the wall, maybe it really is doable. Maybe. But still, I won’t be trying it again.

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