You Have To See Kat Von D's New Foundation Brush

Get ready to fall in love. Kat Von D Beauty teased new makeup brushes... again. The brand's namesake and celeb tattoo artist Kat Von D previously posted a shot of the "magic wands" with long, slim, stiletto-like handles in a shiny and black lacquered finish a few months back. Now, a shot of the Edge Foundation Brush appeared on the brand's official Instagram and I pretty much had to clutch my heart in response. Yes, it's that good. When will the Edge Foundation Brush, as well as other new Kat Von D brushes, be available for purchase?

UPDATE: The Lock-It brushes will be available in July at Sephora stores and the Sephora site, per a press release Bustle received from Kat Von D's PR team.

Unfortunately, the only information we have about the face-focused brushes — concealer, foundation, blush, and powder — is that they are "coming soon." Von D hashtagged her original post with that hashtag. Now, the brand positioned the brush next to the new look Lock-It Foundation canister, which is dropping in the fall along with 13 new and more inclusive shades. Kat Von D-evotees need to remember that the Lock-It formula is not changing; it's merely a packaging makeover.

Let's gawk at the new Lock-It bottle and the new Edge Foundation Brush, both of which are embossed with the Kat Von D logo. The Kat Von D brushes are vegan, which only ups their covet quotient.

These two make for quite a pair.

I love that slim, tapered, stiletto heel-like handle. It's a tool of the trade and weapon-like. Design is everything! They have such a deliciously dangerous vibe, don't they? The brushes all fall in line with the rock x goth KvD aesthetic.

Here is the teaser post that Von D herself shared a few months back. It's still "Coming Soon." Yeah, well, not soon enough.

Fans really seem to want the brush!

Bustle reached out to Kat Von D Beauty reps to inquire about the launch date/season for the brushes. We will let you know if and when we hear back.

Images: Kat Von D Beauty/Instagram (1); Kat Von D/Instagram (1)