10 Awesome Graduation Hairstyles For Long Hair

by Miki Hayes

When it comes to graduation day, one of the biggest concerns is what to wear under the uniform— the best dress for under the gown, and the best graduation hairstyle for under the cap. I mean sure, there's also all of that moving, resume-perfecting, and job-acquiring stuff too... but priorities? Especially if you've become particularly attached to your daily topknot or ponytail, figuring out what to do with your long locks under that oppressive mortarboard can be tricky. But at least your longer lengths give you a little more to work with, and therefore a few more options for a totally chic, graduation-day hairstyle.

Oh, and don't fret. These aren't 'dos that require a professional's help. They're all styles you can pretty easily achieve yourself, and with only a few key products. Plus, if you're worried that you might end up with those dreaded graduation-cap hair dents, there are ways to prevent and fix those with all of these styles if you follow these steps. So if you need a style that will look amazing both under your cap and after you've tossed it into the air, here are 10 hairstyles that are perfect for your long hair on graduation day:

1. Beachy Waves

Go ahead and get a jumpstart on the summer vibes with some beachy waves. There are ways to achieve them with or without heat so you can easily rock some Victoria's Secret-worthy waves when you get your diploma.

2. Side Braid

If you want to keep your hair out of the way, try a side braid. A fishtail or Rrope braid look fancy and more complex than they actually are. Don't forget to loosen your braid for some extra volume, and you can even undo it later in the day for effortless waves.

3. Sleek & Straight

Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

For an insanely polished look, try stick-straight strands. Make sure to use a heat protectant before straightening, and add a dime-size amount of a shine serum for seriously glossy and healthy-looking locks.

4. Low Bun

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you know it's going to be hot when you graduate, opt for a low bun to keep your hair off of your neck. You can even add a braid for some extra drama.

5. Texturized Low-Pony

David Becker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Low ponytails are simple and chic. Add some texture by curling or teasing your pony, and complete the look by wrapping a strand of hair around the elastic to hide it.

6. Tight Curls

For a little extra bounce under your mortarboard, try some tighter curls. A one-inch barrel should do the trick, and don't forget the hairspray so your curls stay put throughout the ceremony.

7. Surprising Color

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Whether you color all of your hair, random streaks of it, or even pin most of it up and just leave a strand or two peeking out from under your cap, it will be such a playful and unique 'do.

8. Accent Braids

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If dye isn't really your thing, but you still want a fun surprise, try adding an accent braid here and there. They can be small and tight or bigger and looser. Either way will prove a nice touch to your graduation-day hair.

9. Natural Hair

Of course, you can also just let you hair do its thing. And if you want a little extra something without having to spend too much time styling, spritz in a little texturizer and shine spray for added movement and smoothness.

10. All Of The Volume

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Crimp, tease, and texturize your hair for ultimate volume. You may need to pin your cap to your hair with all of that extra lift, but seriously, how cool would that look?

Images: Miki Hayes (4)