13 Toe Rings That Your '90s Self Would've Reveled In — PHOTOS

The resurgence of '90s fashion has brought with it a myriad of micro trends, some good, some bad, and others really ugly. One such trend that will either make you squeal in delight or bury your head in your hands is the toe ring: A supposedly cool '90s accessory. Toe rings were worn by free-spirited gals, '90s fashion rebels, and likely every teen babysitter you ever had.

There was something so right, but also innately wrong, about toe rings. After all, rings belong on fingers, not on feet. Toe rings were a little like Baby Spice's ridiculously high sneaker platforms. They were probably familiar, but they made you feel uneasy, too. IMO, it was the extra vulnerability a toe ring added to your bare foot that caused this. All it took was something snagging your toe ring and you'd be eating it on the floor.

However, there was something very sad about an undecorated foot in the 1990s, especially if it didn't have a lick of nail polish on it. You probably jumped on the toe ring trend train like everyone else, equally freaking out folks who had a fear of feet and those who had a foot fetish, in bad and good ways respectively. So for those whose toes have felt naked since the '90s, here's a selection of contemporary toe rings to help you decorate your tootsies once more.

1. The Chevron Style

2 Silver Plated Toe Rings, $5.95+, etsy.com

These cool silver rings mimic the midi/mini ring trend when worn on the toe knuckle.

2. The Faux Stone Set

Faux Stone Toe Ring Set, $5.90, forever21.com

A set of five rings is sure to give you a modern day hippie aura.

3. The Romantic Ring

Sterling Silver Toe Ring, $14, etsy.com

This cute toe ring would make the perfect accessory for a Valentine's Day date.

4. The Foot Chain Set

Ethnic Footchain And Toe Ring, $25, topshop.com

This decadent foot chain and toe ring set could be your must-have summer accessory.

5. The Turquoise Toe Ring

Open Toe Ring – Turquoise Toe Ring, $10.95+, etsy.com

A cool turquoise toe ring should be reminiscent of beautiful blue waters from your past vacations.

6. The Rose Gold Lookalike Rings

Rose Gold Look Toe Rings, $12, topshop.com

When you can't afford the real deal, opt for rose gold toe rings instead.

7. The Etched Rings

Etched Toe Ring Set, $4.90, forever21.com

For a heavy metal feel, pick these etched toe rings to add a little shine to your step.

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8. The Lotus Ring

Lotus Silhouette Toe Ring Sterling Silver, $12, etsy.com

Take your yoga style to the next level with a pretty, peaceful lotus toe ring.

9. The Simple Silver Trio

Silver Banded And Silver Beaded Balls Toe Rings Set, $5.50, claires.com

Don't kick up a fuss. Keep your toe jewelry simple with these minimal silver rings.

10. The Infinity Toe Ring

Sterling Silver Infinity Sign Toe Ring, $14.95, etsy.com

Make a pledge to love toe rings forever with this cute infinity ring.

11. The Sunny Disposition Ring

Etched Toe Ring, $2.90, forever21.com

Sun seekers are sure to love this radiant ring featuring a sunshine design.

12. The Sunflower Style

Sunflower Toe Ring, $8, etsy.com

Inject some flower power into your life with a pretty sunflower toe ring that's perfect for summer.

13. The Designer Ring

Chumana Snake Toe Ring, $592.98, notonthehighstreet.com

If you've got almost $600 to spare, why not invest in an opulent toe ring made from gold and featuring a precious gem? You may not be able to eat for a month, but you'll likely have the fanciest toes for miles.

Give this much-cherished trend a grownup makeover and nab yourself an elegant, contemporary toe ring to achieve #90skidgoals.

Images: Courtesy Brands