When Will Kylie Cosmetics Be Restocked?

Another day, another Kylie Cosmetics restock has come and gone. The crazy successful brand has announced new shades, created new products, and had multiple restocks. All of these endeavors have resulted in sell-outs, but now that Thursday's restock is over, when will Kylie Cosmetics be restocked? While the brand was original restocking intermittently, sometimes going multiple weeks without a new crop of products, recently, Jenner has been selling her products every week for about a month now. Basically, there seems to be a regular schedule to the restocks, and next Wednesday, May 25 appears to be the next big day.

The restocks of Kylie Cosmetics have become a real social media guessing game, and while the timing seems to be more predictable, Jenner's announcements, not so much. Whether it's her personal Instagram, the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram, or her Snapchat, Jenner teases restock times like a champ. Social media and the Internet are practically her own personal marketing tools, and while there's no way to know for sure, my guess is that its driven her Kylie Cosmetics social media traffic through the roof. So, bravo, Kylie.

Now, however, it's less about which week and more about what day and time. With Thursday's Kylie Cosmetics restock, Jenner originally teased the event — which included the restock of Exposed — via her Snapchat but soon took to her website to announce the time of the restock. Surprise: It was a week after the last one, further illustrating the weekly schedule.

Like I mentioned earlier, according to the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram, the date for the restock is next Wednesday. Jenner did make sure to keep things vague, though, to keep us all guessing about what exactly it is we'll be getting.

So far, there is no word on whether the restock will also include the launch of a new Lip Kit — Jenner has teased two new shades — or what formulation the restock will be. Thursday's even featured all three formulas of the Kylie Cosmetics products, but there's no guarantee the upcoming one would be the same.

Instead, Jenner has left us guessing about the next Kylie Cosmetics restock, a game she's way too good at. I've got to hand it to the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, the woman knows how to tease her fans with Lip Kits. Time to figure out what Kit your missing and cross your fingers Jenner restocks it next week.