The 'Beauty And The Beast' Teaser Is A Throwback

by Jordana Lipsitz

Hey guys, 1991 called and it's wondering if you wouldn't mind stopping over for a spot of tea and to sob your eyes out over the new live-action Beauty and the Beast trailer. I'll be there too, sobbing right along with you and sipping some Mrs. Potts-brewed tea from a cute little chipped cup, so don't feel too weird about it. The trailer is a dream for the nostalgic Disney fan. There are throwbacks to the original animated Beauty and the Beast all up in there, working their hardest to make and each everyone of us slobbering lunatics. You know, the type who scream, "They get it! They really get it!"

We only get just glimpses of the different parts of the world we have known and loved in the short minute and a half: a snowy castle exterior, a dusty chandelier-filled hallway, a red rose covered by a glass. But those glimpses were all I needed to be irrevocably pumped about the new Beauty and the Beast starring our girl Emma Watson as Belle the bookworm and breaker of spells.

The feels you are about to experience when watching this trailer will be confusing and overwhelming, but don't worry, because your girl is here to walk you through the nostalgic throwbacks so you can understand why you feel the way you feel. Don't worry, I love you guys, too.

1. The Score

At first, we were all overwhelmed by the beginning, which sounds very similar to the background score of the movie from the beautiful mind of Alan Menken. Then, the opening bars of "Tale as Old As Time" came to the party, and all sh*t I once had was lost.

2. That Snowy Castle

Remember when Belle gets stuck in the snow and the wolves chase her and then she ends up in the castle? There's nothing more romantic than a cold, wet girl who's just been stuck in the snow. I can't wait to see how Emma Watson pulls it off.

3. The Great Hall

The hall looks just like a live-action version of the room where Belle and the Beast dance and fall deeply in love with each other, right down to the windows. There isn't a second level with a sweeping staircase, and the room does look a little different, but there are still chandeliers so we'll let it slide.

4. The Family Portrait

In the OG Beauty and the Beast, we figure out pretty early on that the Beast was once a prince, and this is partially shown by an old family picture that he scratches in a fit of rage. The royal family portrait in this trailer greatly resembles it.

5. The Roar

Sure, the Beast has some good dialogue, but he's mostly known for his fierce roar, so when we get a sample of his roar in the trailer, all sorts of bells went off in my head. I can't wait to find out what he'll look like!

6. That Candelabra

Look! A Candelabra! It might not be Lumiere, but its still very exciting to see a likeness of one of our favorite French candlesticks.

7. The Side Characters Chatting

The characters are all whispering about Belle in a sort of voyeuristic way, but she hasn't figured it out because they are pieces of furniture. Look, guys it's 2016, and if the Beast wanted to fall in love, it doesn't have to be with a girl, but I'm not going to argue with you.

8. The Rose

In the tale as old as time, an enchanted rose kept under a glass case is the magic alarm clock that goes off if the Beast doesn't find true love. So seeing Watson as Belle stumble upon it in the trailer, like Belle does in the original animation, gave me a joyous tummy ache.

9. "Be Our Guest"

Ugh, Disney, I will certainly be your guest! Way to use that phrasing from my favorite Beauty and the Beast song. Y'all didn't even need that sweet little floating rose bud to drive the point home, but I'm not mad that you did.

It's a good thing March 2017 is a long way away, because I think we all need some time to collect ourselves. If just that trailer emotionally wrecked us, and it didn't even include much of the storyline, sitting in a crowded theater full of nostalgia-loving 20-somethings is going to be rough on us all — in the best way possible. Now excuse me while I go wrap myself in my baby blanket and sob away the lost years while sucking my thumb.

Images: Disney Movie Trailers/YouTube (9); Giphy