What Colors Will The New RAZR Come In?

Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

With word out that the Motorola RAZR flip phone is making a comeback, the awkward teenager in all of us is officially craving this nostalgic throwback to the early '00s. Not too many details have been released yet, but we're still dying to know what colors the new RAZR will come in, and what its capabilities will be. Will people flock to the new RAZR simply because of the memories it holds, or do we also need it to rival the smartphones of today?

These days, smartphones are almost like a status symbol. Some people have super high-tech phones that can fulfill your greatest desires from anywhere on the globe with the push of a button. Then there are phones like mine, that hold around seven pictures and sometimes freeze just for funsies. The days of the Motorola RAZR were so much simpler: You texted, you called, and you actually knew how good it felt to be able to snap your phone shut and literally hang up on someone who pissed you off. The "end call" button of today just doesn't carry the same satisfaction.

So, that leaves me wondering if the RAZR is going to try to compete with today's smartphones, or if the nostalgic value of this memorable design will be enough to carry it. Back in the day, when I was just a wee one, the only thing that mattered about the RAZR you carried around was what color it was. Which one was your favorite?

1. Black

Simple. Uncomplicated. Chic. The black RAZR had a statement to make: that it had no statement to make at all. It was practical, classy, and matched all of your outfits. What more could a '00s gal ask for?

2. Silver

Silver was another one of RAZR's no-nonsense colors. Weren't most phones silver? Your parents definitely picked this color out for you; they wanted you to know that your phone was for emergencies only — definitely not for fun.

3. Pink Galore

RAZR appealed to the bright and bubbly person inside of us with a variety of pink shades. The hardest part was picking out your favorite. I know they were all pink, but... come on, they were all just so different. Were you a light, metallic pink kind of version? Or a bold magenta one?

4. Dark Blue

Dark blue was kind of like the compromise for parents who didn't want your phone to scream "PINK!", but didn't want to upset you with black or silver. This color made me feel like a grown-up.

5. Maroon

Maybe I'm suffering from a slight case of amnesia, or maybe this color just wasn't as popular around my parts of the country, but... there was a maroon RAZR? Huh. TIL.

6. Purple

Score. The purple RAZR was the color of grapes, and I loved it. So vibrant. So bold. You couldn't go wrong with this one.

7. Bronze

I always thought bronze was kind of fancy schmancy. It was kind of like your cell phone went on a tropical vacation and came back with a really nice tan.

8. Orange

The burnt orange shade of the RAZR phone definitely wasn't my favorite. I always felt like the phone-maker people were really aiming for a prettier color and ended up with that and just went, "Meh, good enough." Kind of like the bronze RAZR stayed on vacation too long and got a bad sunburn. But hey, if you loved the color, it's whatever floats your boat!

9. Lime Green

This was the most rebellious color of the RAZR phone collection. When you whipped it out of your bag or purse... people noticed. You were that kid.

10. The Blinged Out RAZR Phone

Were you one of those people who took a jewel gun to your phone and covered every inch of it in fake jewels? Rock on. Seriously. Go you. I did that by hand and the jewels started falling off immediately and I still didn't care. Fake jewels on a phone are the bomb dot com.

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