Disney Princesses As Modern Teens Are The Edgy Icons You Need

Personally, when I was a kid, what I loved so much about Disney princesses was that they're other-worldly. So when I saw this artist's depiction of Disney princesses as modern teens, I was all "whoa". But at the same time, maybe this is the reality check I've needed for the last twenty some-odd years.

We grew up with these uber-perfect young women showing us what life is supposed to be like and what love is supposed to look like. Their worlds were troubled, and yet always bent perfectly around them in the end. They just had to have good intentions and they'd win before the credits rolled. They just had to lay their eyes on a handsome prince and he'd be theirs one day, because they deserved to be loved.

Traditional fairy tales gave us a false sense of optimism about the world. People don't always behave the way they should. The bad guys don't always have to pay. The good guys don't always get what they want. And most importantly for me, young women are far more complex and diverse than the OG princesses — which is exactly why it didn't take long for me to fall in love with these images. They take the fantasy out of young womanhood. They shatter all the illusions, because they're just that.

The artist, Victoria Evans, works as a color stylist for a film company in Ottawa, Ontario. But in her spare time, she messes around with the images of Disney princesses by making them amazingly human and modern. They're pouty, they have attitude, they have teen curves and pubescent moods. They break down all the misconceptions of young women that I didn't realized I wanted taken down. Enjoy their beautiful messiness below:

The Squad In Action

Here we have the whole squad, looking impatient like they're stuck at the DMV or a sluggish line at Whole Foods. Who's got time for that? One of their phones is dead. Another one's vape need a new cartridge. Another has a migraine from the smell of the floor cleaner.


Chill vibes Tiana. She's in her sporty spice top and casual shorts, waiting for her latte. She's running late for her nail appointment and would really like it if people could just speed up and be on her level.

Snow White

She's waiting for her kale smoothie and she's super pissed because Beetlejuice is on TV and she forgot to pause it. Like can this juicer hurry up and do his job?


BBG has a headache from partying last night and is annoyed that her friends aren't excited as she is about the Alien Ant Farm concert they're going to later tonight.

Sleeping Beauty

She's all like "take a picture, it will last longer," even though that's exactly what's happening. You can't see her family but they're a foot away, out of frame, posing for a family picture in the backyard.

Images: Courtesy of Victoria Evans