11 Jaclyn Hill Memes Because Everyone's Obsessed

by Augusta Statz

This beauty vlogger’s got a devoted following. With over three million YouTube subscribers, she’s created a loyal fan base that would follow that glow of hers anywhere. See the 11 funniest Jaclyn Hill memes that prove just how obsessed people are. Because from her makeup tutorials to her incredible products, what’s not to love about this gal, you know?

With only a few more days until the launch of the Champagne Collection online, people are more excited than ever before. Every single beauty lover’s been counting down the days until they could get their hands on Hill’s latest creations. Who could blame us? Those highlighters just won’t quit, and now they come in three different versions. Plus, did I mention there’s an eye shadow palette in the mix, too?

Yeah, Hill’s fans are loving her more than ever right now because she’s given each and every one of them so much to look forward to. If you’re not familiar with the incredible #champagneglow power this makeup artist’s latest collab has to offer, then you need to familiarize yourself. Real quick. So, do your research. Follow her on Snapchat, scroll through these memes, binge watch her tutorials. And get ready. Because her newest products drop on May 26.

1. Dance It Out

I'm just going to keep dancing until these products launch. Can't. contain. the. excitement.

2. It's Almost Time

The wait's nearly over!

3. Make It Work

You do what you have to do because the world needs to see these products.

4. The Guru

She knows how it's done!

5. Everyone's Obsessed

It doesn't matter who you are, you can't help but love her.

6. Cover Everything

When you just want to coat yourself in Champagne Pop.

7. Will You Be My Jon?

Because she and Jon really are relationship goals.

8. Ride Along

So many Jaclyn Hill tutorials to watch, so little time.

9. Montage

Isn't it the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?

10. True Friends

If you don't like Jaclyn, we can't be friends.

11. Inspiration

Doesn't she just make your life better?

She's making all of your makeup dreams come true, and that's exactly why you love her so much, am I right?