17 Patriotic Memorial Day Party Ideas

Memorial Day is something special. Between honoring those who died while serving in the military and kicking off summer, you can count on Memorial Day party ideas to fuel the celebrations. It’s the perfect opportunity to incorporate patriotic colors into décor and food, too. After all, the red, white, and blue isn’t just for Independence Day. Summer is just getting started, people!

Plus, when you have spent all of winter hibernating indoors, this kind of celebration is something out of a dream. You can finally bust out the grill, summer clothes, and patio furniture — just to name a few. And if you’re lucky enough to have a pool, your bathing suits can finally see the light of day. Score.

Of course, it’s still extremely important to keep in mind the significance and purpose of Memorial Day. Consider attending a Memorial Day service or watching one on television during the party. Scatter facts about Memorial Day around your house or patio for an educational get together. Hopefully, this will remind you and your guests the true meaning of this patriotic holiday.

Memorial Day might be this weekend, but there’s still totally time to whip up these last-minute party ideas. Happy celebrating!

1. Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries

For a sweet treat featuring a festive color palette, try Dessert Now, Dinner Later's easy stuffed strawberries recipe. It's clever and delicious... what's not to love?

2. Star-Shaped Berry Hand Pies

When it comes to parties, you can't go wrong with homemade pies. This Memorial Day, take a tip from eHow and learn how to make these adorable mini star-shaped versions.

3. Simple Rotini Salad

Tuna salad is another one of those basic party staples that can be whipped up in a jiffy. The Healthy Foodie offers a simple version, just in time for the festivities.

4. Red, White, and Blue Jell-O Poke Cake

Satisfy your guests with this colorful creation by Dessert Now, Dinner Later. To make this delicious concoction, the recipe requires you to pour Jell-O directly into a cake before popping it in the fridge. Brilliant.

5. Patriotic Punch

It's not a real summer party without a thirst-quenching punch. Follow Dessert Now, Dinner Later's instructions to make this two-ingredient punch just in time for the weekend. If you're up to it, add a champagne or vodka for a grown-up version.

6. Patriotic Jell-O Shots

Clearly, Jell-O has our back when it comes to party treats. For another boozy recipe, turn to eHow to learn how to make these patriotic Jell-O shots. Want to make them alcohol free? Simply skip the vodka for a kid-friendly version.

7. Dill Zucchini Fritters

In the midst of all the red, white, and blue, it doesn't hurt to bring in some versatile dishes. Take these dill zucchini fritters, for example. Featuring flavorful spices and a lemon tzatziki sauce, your guests will swoon over this dish by The Messy Baker.

8. Patriotic Krispie Treats

Win the hearts of kids and adults alike with these star-shaped treats from Cookies and Cups. They also make excellent party favors, too! Simply wrap cellophane around the treat and tie it off with a strand of festive ribbon.

9. Patriotic Popcorn

Keep the patriotic snacks going with Dessert Now, Dinner Later's clever popcorn recipe. Movie night, anyone?

10. Patriotic Ice Cream Float

Cool things down with eHow's cutie ice cream float featuring dyed ginger ale and vanilla ice cream. You can even bring in a medley of berries for a flavorful touch.

11. Patriotic Pops

Get some inspiration from Bakerella and take your cake pops to the next level. It all comes down to using the right combination of sprinkles and candies.

12. Rhubarb Raspberry Ice Cream

If you're up to the challenge, try your hand at homemade raspberry ice cream. Your guests are going to swoon over this one. Check out the full tutorial at The Messy Baker.

13. Warm Summer Fruit Salad

Who says fruit salad has to be a chilled dish? Grilling fruit intensifies the taste and flavor, making it an awesome addition to summer gatherings. Green Kitchen Stories demonstrates how to create an unconventional (and healthy) warm fruit salad.

14. Red, White, and Blue Table Setting

Aside from the food, party decor is essential for emphasizing a celebration's vibe. eHow explains how to whip up an easy patriotic table setting just in time for Memorial Day.

15. Patriotic Mason Jar Utensil Holders

While you're at it, try your hand at these patriotic utensil holders at Darice Crafts. It's a festive, cheerful way to keep things organized during the party.

16. Patriotic String Lights

Spruce up your patio's nightlife with this beginner-friendly string light DIY at eHow. During the day, you'll be graced with a medley of patriotic colors. As soon as the sunsets, the lights will create a relaxing summer night ambiance.

17. Easy Patriotic DIY Tassel Garland

For a project that's even simpler, visit this tassel garland project at Darice Crafts. All you need to do is tear, tie, and hang. Love it.

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