NikkieTutorials x Too Faced Collaboration Is Here

YouTube gurus are definitely having a moment right now. From Jaclyn Hill's insanely hyped collaboration with BECCA Cosmetics to MannyMUA's work with OFRA, there are some incredible releases this summer. Now, we're getting another! The NikkieTutorials x Too Faced collaboration has officially been revealed, and it's everything fans of the guru were hoping to get. With a collection of specifically crafted shadows, face products, and Too Faced staples, it's the perfect mash-up of both Nikkie and Too Faced. The sneak peek only made everyone more excited for the August release date.

On Thursday, Nikkie took to her Snapchat to give her fans a full look at all of the products that will be included in the NikkieTutorials x Too Faced The Power of Makeup collection. Some of Too Faced's most iconic products are set to be included in the collection including their Shadow Insurance primer, a full sized liner, and the famous Better Than Sex mascara. Basically, all of your favorites from Too Faced have come together with Nikkie's own creation, and it's clearly gorgeous.

The collaboration, though, isn't simply a smorgasbord of NikkieTutorial's favorite products, though. So if you've been wondering what's in the NikkieTutorials x Too Faced collaboration, and were suddenly bummed that she didn't have her own products, you've jumped the gun — the collaboration's palette features nine different eyeshadows from Nikkie herself.

The shades are perfectly representative of Nikkie, and it's sure to have her fans scrambling to purchase the collab.

The nine Nikkie-crafted and approved shadows range from neutral, cool browns to vibrant, sparkling purples. Basically, you can craft any look you want with these babies.

The YouTube star even went so far as to swatch the amazing shades for her fans in her Snapchat video —can we talk about the pigmentation. From the deepest black to the shimmering silver, each shade is essentially perfect!

While everyone is stoked about the collaboration, above all else, NikkieTutorials is an amazing makeup artist with a killer personality, and one of the other things she does best —outside of creating killer products — is cause a comical stir online. Only a few weeks ago, Nikkie took to her YouTube to release a hysterical video all about what many consider to be the over-the-top "Instagram contouring" seen across the social media platform. Using a whisk, a spoon, and a few other creative tools, Nikkie makes a farce of the intense criticism many online makeup artist face for their chosen styles.

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Last year, she again made headlines with her "Power of Makeup" video where she showcased just how much cosmetics can change a face but also to advocate for all the girls out there who love makeup not to be ashamed. It makes perfect sense that NikkieTutorials x Too Faced's collaboration would thus be called The Power of Makeup.

Fans of the beauty guru are probably leaping for joy that the NikkieTutorials x TooFaced collaboration is here, and we've all finally gotten a sneak peek. While no one really likes waiting, this was totally worth the wait. Despite it leaking earlier this morning, getting the look from Nikkie herself made the reveal even better. Now, if it could only be August, we'd all be happy.

Images: Jerrod Blandino/Instagram; NikkieTutorials/Snapchat(6)