NikkieTutorials x Too Faced's Palette Is Gorgeous

NikkieTutorials and TooFaced have been teasing beauty junkies and fans with their collaboration for some time now and it's got everyone asking what's the NikkieTutorials x Too Faced palette look like. Well, on Thursday, fans of both the brand and the YouTube beauty guru got their answer, and basically, it's totally on brand and also so very Nikkie.

On her Snapchat, Nikkie took her subscribers through every piece of the collection — yes, a whole collection. Not only does the palette exist, but it's part of a bigger family. Inside the collection are several Too Faced favorites, one of which is a very special tube of Better Than Sex mascara that isn't in its typical pink packaging but instead in gorgeous purple packaging just for Nikkie.

When Nikkie took to her Snapchat to reveal the palette, she explained tearfully that it had leaked earlier in the day. Despite the leak, though, fans had her back and expressed tons of love for the palette on social media. After getting to see how it looks, the love for the collaboration totally makes sense.

While the purple tube of Better Than Sex is definitely a standout look, it's not the only cool aesthetic feature of the NikkieTutorials x TooFaced palette. The entire thing is the perfect storm of gorgeous eyeshadow colors perfectly crafted by Nikkie herself.

The cheetah print and purple-pink color is definitely a signature of both TooFaced and Nikkie. Color and design wise, it's an ideal blend of their two styles.

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Inside, the palette has everything that an eye makeup junkie could need. With gorgeous cool toned browns, shimmering highlight shades, and vibrant pops of color, it will allow you to create nearly any look you want.

If you were worried they may not swatch as pigmented as they appear in the packaging, Nikkie cleared that up on her Snapchat as well. Just look at that gorgeous purple shadow and the insane shine of the golden shimmer.

From the packaging, swatches, and accompaniments, it's clear that the NikkieTutorials x Too Faced palette is going to be incredible when it releases in August. You can rest the question of what the NikkieTutorials x Too Faced palette looks like. Nikkie herself let you know today, and I'm super stoked about that.

Images: Jerrod Blandino/Instagram; NikkieTutorials(4)