Meredith Grey Fans Can Breathe A Sigh Of Relief

I'm assuming all you Shondaland devotees out there have been holding your breath waiting for this news, so I'm delighted to announce that you can let it out — Ellen Pompeo will be on Grey's Anatomy for at least another season. This is huge, so I'll give you all a moment to issue a collective sigh of relief. You might think it's a given for Doctor Meredith Grey herself to return to the show that quite literally bears her name, but I've been pretty nervous that our time with her might be nearing its end. Between Derek Shepherd shocking us all by dying in 2015, and especially after Sara Ramirez announced she was leaving the show back in May 2016, nothing is certain. If McDreamy and Callie can cut and run — albeit for excellent reasons — then it almost feels like it's anybody's game. I've been on the edge of my seat.

But finally I can scoot back and make myself comfortable, because we have official confirmation that Pompeo will be a part of the show's 13th season. And not just a part of it, but the sole remaining lead, so let's all be super nice to her so she doesn't regret this decision. She's all we have from those original episodes, and, as someone who fervently hates change, it's important to me to hold onto those final ties. But you know what should help with that? The reported $300,000 that Pompeo earns per episode. I wish.

With that unconfirmed amount in her back pocket, and the fact that she's the namesake for one of Taylor Swift's cat in the front, I'm hopeful that she'll keep making the same decision to stay on until the show's final episode, whenever that may be. I stand with my fellow Grey's Anatomy fans who can't imagine a Grey's without, well, Meredith Grey.

Image: Giphy