'Outlander' Fans, This News Is AMAZING

Good news, everyone: Claire and Jamie's time traveling, heartbreaking, crazy romantic journey is just beginning on Outlander. TVLine revealed on the 25-year anniversary of the publication of the first book in Diana Gabaldon's best-selling book series, Starz renewed Outlander for Season 3 and Season 4. Go ahead and start celebrating now, because Claire and Jamie's epic love story is going to be steaming up your TV (and making you sob into your pillow every night) for at least two more years.

The two season renewal will take Outlander through the next two books in Gabaldon's eight books and counting series. So far, the in progress Season 2 has focused on the Jacobite Rebellion, relocating the series from Scotland to France and featuring some major heartbreak for both Claire and Jamie along the way. Season 3 and Season 4 will focus on Voyager and Drums of Autumn , receptively, and in the process take the time-traveling series deeper into history.

Thanks to its time travel theme, Outlander is a bit of a chameleon. As a modern woman — well, at least a '50s era woman — Claire provides viewers with a unique perspective on past events. Of course, this occasionally gets her accused of witchcraft, but that's only to be expected when you visit the past. The next two books in the series that the show has to cover take Claire and Jamie from France back to Scotland and then to Hispaniola and the United States. They also add an extra layer of angst to the perpetually beleaguered couple's love story. If you want to avoid potential Season 3 and 4 spoilers, turn back now.

Voyager takes Claire through 1968 in modern times when she decides to return to Jamie with her daughter's blessing. Unfortunately, by the time she gets back Jamie is married to another woman. On the upside, Season 3 will ease your pain over Jamie's new life with a whole lot of high seas adventuring. There is actual treasure hunting in the book, and the potential coolness of watching Jamie and Claire take their romance to the sea is off the charts.

If you are more into colonial America then just wait until Season 4 happens and you get to behold the wonders of Jamie and Claire as homesteaders. Season 4 will also give Jamie and Claire's second daughter Brianna way more to do, and maybe even reunite her with her parents. There are lots of amazing stories coming up for this show, and the best news of all is if the ratings hold up, Outlander could have even more seasons in its future. After all, there is not exactly a shortage of books to adapt.

Rejoice, Outlander fans, Jamie and Claire will not be leaving you anytime soon.

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