How To Treat A Sunburned Scalp

Summer is here, and with it comes some of the more unfortunate beauty woes that wreak havoc during the warmer months. Whether it's your makeup melting off or your oily skin, just like cold, heat has it issues — especially sunburns. How to treat a sunburned scalp may seem like a strange thing to be wondering about, but the struggle is real, and in order to prevent the painful, itchy aftermath that could ensue, it's important that this summer you know how to handle even the seemingly strange burns.

While a sunburned scalp may not be something you've ever dealt with, it's a surprisingly common area to get burned. While coating your skin in sunscreen is normal — and healthy, so go you! — the scalp tends to get overlooked and can get some of the worst types of burn. From the familiar burning sensation to flaky and irritated skin, the occurrence is no picnic and knowing how to treat sunburns is imperative.

While preventative measures should always be your first choice — summer hats for preventing sunburn are ultra chic — it isn't always at the top of your to-do list. On the flip side, sunscreen streaks in your hair do not make for a cute beach look. For those times when you've left your hat at home or just simply forgot to think ahead, there are ways to treat that dreaded scalp sunburn.

1. Use A Different Shampoo

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To get rid of and prevent peeling in the scalp, an exfoliating shampoo is a must. Avoid sulfates and volumizing washes that could irritate your poor head.

2. Skip The Hot Water

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This is pretty obvious, but hot water on a sunburned scalp is no good. If you want to avoid any level of pain, soak your scalp in cool water.

3. Try A Rinse

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Want a natural remedy? According to Byrdie, making a batch of iced green tea and using it to rinse your clean, towel dried hair is a great solution to your sunburned scalp.

4. Avoid Heat Styling

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Much like rinsing your hair in hot water, using heat styling products will only irritate the burn and potentially cause you more pain.

5. Use Apple Cider Vinegar

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To remove the sting of the burn, apple cider vinegar is a great remedy. Take one part ACV and one part water and rinse your freshly cleaned hair. Let it set without rinsing for a pain-free evening.

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