7 Weird Places You Need Sunscreen That Aren't Exactly Obvious

The sun is finally starting to come out more often, which hopefully means you're reaching for sunscreen more frequently. If you've got some serious outdoor time coming up in your future, however, make sure to slather up over the weird places you need sunscreen that aren't exactly obvious. A sunburn on your shoulders isn't fun, but sunburn in certain other places can feel much, much worse.

Not only should you wear sunscreen every single day, but it also needs to be covering your entire body from the top of your head to the tips of your toes — literally. As shared in Science Daily, researchers at the UNC School of Medicine discovered, “People with scalp or neck melanomas die at nearly twice the rate of people with melanoma elsewhere on the body, including the face or ears.” You might not always want to coat your head in spray sunscreen and wear a beach hat, but it could seriously save your life.

For more details on protecting your scalp along with several other easy-to-miss places that definitely need sunscreen, check out the list below. Have fun in the sun, but make sure you’re lathered up all over in the best sunscreen for you!

1. Boobs

Serious news flash: Swimsuits move around after you put them on. Even if you've totally coated the exposed parts of your chest with sunscreen, that bikini can slide and expose a new part of unprotected skin. Make sure to cover your ladies all over.

2. Scalp

Sadly your scalp, and especially your part line, can get pretty burned if you don't put sunscreen on it. The easiest way to coat your scalp without turning your head into a greasy mess? Spray sunscreen!

3. Tops (And Bottoms) Of Feet

Sure, it might get annoying to have to wait for the sunscreen to dry on your feet before walking around, but trust me, it's well worth it! Sun bathing on your back exposes the bottom of your feet and, let me tell you, walking with sunburns under your toes and the bottoms of your heels is anything but fun.

4. Back Of Knees

Another fairly random spot? The backs of your knees. They are totally exposed if you're sunbathing on your tummy and will sizzle. Really take the time to get the backs of your legs before laying out.

5. Ears

The tips of your ears are instantly exposed to the sun as soon as you pull your hair up into a beachy top knot. Make sure to get not only the upper tips around your cartilage, but also the backs of your ears, too!

6. Lips

If you're headed somewhere sunny, make sure your lip balm has SPF. Lip "burn" feels like really bad chapped lips and definitely isn't fun (or pretty).

7. Palms Of Your Hands

The tops of your hands might be a give-in, but your palms can definitely burn, too. They'll get naturally coated if you're using sunscreen lotion but, if you apply spray, make sure to also spritz your palms.

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