This Talvin Break Up Theory Is So Ridiculous

by Kaitlin Reilly

If you're like me, you're still in a puddle of tears over the reported end of Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris' beautiful and Instagram-worthy relationship. On Wednesday, PEOPLE reported that Swift and Harris allegedly broke up after 15 months of dating, and the news feels like a punch in the gut for fans who put photos of their tropical vacation on their #RelationshipGoals Pinterest board. (Umm... I may or may not be one of those people.) Now that the power couple has allegedly called it quits (Bustle reached out to Swift and Harris' respective reps and have not heard back yet), it's time for the inevitable rumor mill to start churning out ridiculous theories on why Swift and Harris broke up in the first place.

The internet is peppered with hilarious theories — including one from Twitter users who suggest it has something to do with the "Blank Space" singer's new platinum hair — but I think I found my favorite. The best, most eyeroll-worthy theory as to why the pop star and her DJ beau broke up involves Tom Hiddleston, and it is everything.

According to a source for Hollywood Life, the Night Manager actor could have been involved in the ultimate downfall of Talvin. According to the source, it all had to do with Swift's goofy dance with Hiddleston at the Met Gala. According to the unnamed source, Harris and Swift allegedly argued about her and Hiddleston getting down to that "sick beat." Since the DJ didn't attend the Met Gala, Harris allegedly saw the dance party when the video hit the internet. The source stated: "One thing [Harris] wasn’t happy about was that video that came out of her dancing with [Hiddleston] at the Met Ball... What guy wants to see a video of his girl getting that close to a guy like [Hiddleston]."

I don't know about you guys, but I highly doubt that the breakup between Swift and the "How Deep Is Your Love" producer had anything to do with her hitting the dance floor with Hiddleston. Sure, the dude is gorgeous, but anyone who saw that video knows it wasn't exactly like they were reenacting Dirty Dancing. I mean, really, guys — come on.

I know we're all looking for answers about why Talvin called it quits, but let's leave Hiddleston out of this one, shall we? Sometimes a dance is just a dance.

Image: Giphy