Let's Remember Gigi Hadid & Zayn Malik's Romance

by Ashani Jodha

Another day, another relationship tragedy: It seems as though another beautiful couple that we thought could hasn't. According to E! Online, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik have allegedly ended their seven month relationship. (Bustle has reached out to both Hadid and Malik's representatives, but has not yet heard back.) Considering how many cute quotes, social media messages, and photos Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik have together, this comes as a shock to many fans of the pair — and, additionally, a reason for the alleged split remains is not yet known.

One potential sliver of hope for fans: E! has reported that the couple has previously "broken up and got back together a few times," so they could get back together as soon as "tomorrow." Personally, after hearing about the alleged split, I immediately began to remember all the amazing moments the couple broke through this year. With 23-year-old "PILLOWTALK" singer having released his first solo debut album, Mind of Mine , earlier this year, and 21-year-old Hadid conquering pretty much every milestone towards supermodel stardom in 2016, it seems as though the pair has made a lot of important career steps with the other by their side. It's extremely hard to believe that this might be the last time we see the couple together, because their relationship was a truly adorable, wonderful, and downright incredible thing to see.

Though the couple have only been dating since November, they have together made a laundry list of sweet moments together — so, in the wake of this reported news, it seems only fitting to put away the tissues and bowls of ice cream and mourn the loss of another gorgeous celebrity couple the right way — by rewinding through their romance and reminiscing on all the happier moments these two stunners shared. Here's hoping this split does not remain?

1. That Time They Shared Their Love To World In Vogue

Because is there really any other way to display your love?!

2. That Time Zayn Made The Relationship Instagram Official

Ohhh, modern love, there is seriously, nothing sweeter.

3. That Time They Made Their Red Carpet Debut Together At The Met Gala

Did I not say they were taking the fashion world by storm? Because duh.

4. That Time They Snuggled Together


5. That Time They Snuggled In Bed Again, But Brought Their Model Attitude

Because some times, you just know you are THAT attractive.

6. That Time Zayn Made Her Dinner

GAHHH, we all need a man who can cook.

7. That Time They Had A Party For Two

Who else do you really need to celebrate with but the one you love?!

8. That Time They Shared A Sweet Polaroid Moment


9. That Time They Got To Experience Naples Together

All the feels, just all of them.

10. That Time They Shared This Sweet Moment On Snapchat


11. That Time They Spent Together On Valentine's Day

Seriously, my heart is breaking into a million pieces right now.

12. That Time They Immortialized Their Love In The Video For Zayn's Premiere Single

Ugh, just too perfect.

I'll be OK. Really. It's just raining on my face.

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