When You Love A Book Your Friends Haven't Read...

I'm an avid reader, and a lot of my friends are readers, too. After all, if you're a book-lover, nothing says "instant best friends" like finding someone loves reading (almost) as much as you do. And if your whole friend group is book-obsessed? Well, that's even better. Suddenly, you have so many squad goals, and they all involve elaborate book club plans! (Spoiler alert: these may never come to fruition, speaking as someone who is part of a failed book club. One day WE WILL MAKE IT WORK).

The only problem is, even if your friends love to read, that doesn't necessarily mean they love to read the same things you do. Maybe you love fantasy, but your friend prefers realistic fiction. Maybe you prefer nonfiction, but your BFF can't get enough YA. And even if you sometimes find books that cover both interests, there are bound to be even more that don't. And there's bound to be that ONE book you read that's so particular to your set of interests that you fall in love with it immediately — and can't get anyone else to read it.

Every book-lover knows the agony of becoming obsessed with a book none of your friends have read — and here's what happens when you find yourself in that situation.

1. You Keep Asking Your Friends If They've Read The Book

Even though you've asked them a thousand times if they've read the book you're currently obsessed with, you still think that maybe if you ask again, they will have read it in the interim time. But the answer is still "no."

2. You Can't Stop Talking About It

As you read, you become more and more obsessed. This book is amazing! It's so exciting and cool and you just want to talk about it forever! Your friends, on the other hand, don't feel the same way. In fact, since none of them have any clue what you're talking about, they just want you to be quiet and/or stay on a more relatable topic. But before you know it, you're talking about That Book again...

3. You ALMOST Reveal A Spoiler

As you go on and on about the book, you ALMOST reveal a spoiler — but then you stop yourself at the last minute. Seriously, though, now that you've finally gotten to the huge twist at the end, you REALLY want to discuss it in depth.

4. You Try And Trick Someone Else Into Reading It

Your friends haven't shown much interest in this book, so you start being creative. You switch the dust jacket of the book with one they've been meaning to read. Maybe you even give them the book as a birthday present to guilt them into reading it. You don't care how creative and evil you have to be... you want them to read the dang book.

5. Your Friend Says They Won't Read The Book, So You Tell Them The Entire Plot

Finally, your friend breaks it to you: they're not going to read this book you are so obsessed with. They just aren't interested. Naturally, you immediately tell them the entire plot, including the twist at the end, because at least you can talk about it now.

You Search The Internet For Fellow Fans Of The Book

Since your friends refuse to read the book, you're forced to find online friends to talk to about this masterpiece. You look up fan art, consider yourself a part of the fandom, and set up a Google alert in case the author announces a sequel.

6. Years Later When The Book Is Popular, Your Friend Mentions How Much They Love It

Years later, this amazing book still has a special place on your bookshelf. Even though you rarely get to talk about it, since no one else seems to have read it, you still cherish the book for how much it meant to you. Suddenly, you hear that it's being made into a movie. It's republished with a "soon to be a major motion picture" cover and becomes a bestseller. And that friend who refused to read the book years ago? They text you and tell you how much they love it. And despite everything, you're overjoyed, because all you ever wanted was to talk about this amazing book.

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