Taylor Swift Is The Best Possible Wedding Guest

If you had a mental picture of Taylor Swift downing pints of Ben & Jerry's and marathoning sappy Netflix movies to cope with her recent breakup, you just don't know the singer very well. Instead of sitting around crying over ex Calvin Harris (which honestly, would be a totally normal reaction), she's putting herself out there and having a great time. Proving that nothing gets between the 26-year-old and her fans, Swift attended a longtime fan's wedding on Saturday in Brant Beach, NJ. From the looks of it, she had an absolute blast. According to Billboard, the wedding was between Max Singer and Kenya Smith.

Not only did she pose for photos with the newlyweds, but she even sang "Blank Space." Although it may not be the most romantic ballad, it's pretty rad to say Swift sang at your wedding. She could have opted for "You Are In Love" or "Love Story," yet "Blank Space" is definitely a catchy tune. She even invited the guests to sing along. In case that wasn't enough, she gifted the couple a frame with lyrics from the song: "So it's gonna be forever." How sweet is that?

This whole situation is awesome on multiple levels. First of all, it shows Tay will jump through hoops for her fans. Sure, she probably was planning on attending way in advance, but given her recent heartbreak, it would've been more than OK if she sat this one out. But nope, she rallied her energy and went out to celebrate.

Of course, this isn't the first time that Swift surprised her fans. She once attended a fan's bridal shower and gave a super cool gift. In 2015, she repaid part of a fan's student loan debt. And remember the time she posed for photos with a couple who got married at her concert? T. Swift knows her music wouldn't go anywhere without her fans' support, so it's great she takes the time to show she appreciates them.

Making the situation all the better, she even joked at her own expense. In a photo with the bride and groom, she captioned the photo, "third wheel," along with that cry-laugh emoji. Unsure if it was an intentional reference to the fact that she's no longer part of a pair herself, but clearly she was crashing their coupley moment. As seen in the other snapshot, she taught the whole gang how to duck face. Plus, did I mention that her dress is gorgeous?

Props to Swift for putting on her best dress and attitude to make the couple's special day all the more special. No one would have faulted her for taking time for herself, but instead, she continued her trend of putting fans first.