T. Swift Crashed A Wedding... Sort Of

Ever since Taylor Swift started the 1989 World Tour, the shows have become about much more than just music. Featuring cameos from her friends (like models Gigi Hadid and Martha Hunt) to appearances from TV heroes (ahem, Mariska Hargitay) to amazing collaborations (Rachel Platten, Imagine Dragons, etc.), these performances are among the most entertaining events of the year. Proving just how memorable Tay's concerts are, two fans got married at the 1989 Philadelphia show on Friday and Taylor Swift crashed their wedding photos. Talk about a dream come true!

Honestly this news isn't too surprising, considering the "Style" singer always goes above and beyond for her fans. Here's a brief recap of the selfless things she's done this year: donated $15,000 to a firefighter's family, gave holiday gifts to her Swifties, helped pay off a fan's student loans, and consoled a heartbroken fan with break-up advice. Reminder: That's only the short list of Swift's good deeds.

Even though it's not shocking, it's still worth acknowledging how awesome it is that T. Swift took the time to make their special day even more special. MTV News reports that the couple, Katy Harris and Chris Eisenmann, got married in the parking lot of Lincoln Financial Field before the show.

Harris explains what went down in her Instagram caption:

Some of you may have saw on facebook that Chris and I plan to get married in 3 days at the #1989tourphilly Taylor Swift Concert #06122015 ... I've had a gown hanging in my closet!! And as I was making our homemade outfits for Taylor ... a joke about wearing my gown to the concert turned into us driving to Philly to get a marriage license and planning a ceremony outside of Lincoln Financial Field right before walking into the concert in our tux and gown! ... I cant think of a better or more fitting way for us to celebrate this time in our lives --- I am on cloud 9!

Apparently the long-time Swift fans were originally going to get married on Taylor's 25th birthday, but changed the date for various reasons. It looks like they made the right choice, since their wedding day featured not only a concert, but also an appearance from Taylor Swift herself. According to MTV's article, it was Swift's mom Andrea who spotted the couple in the crowd and brought them backstage. Regardless of how it happened, it's amazing that it did!

Congrats to the newlyweds, and huge props to Taylor for always taking the time to be there for her fans! I'm pretty sure it's part of the reason that she has so many fans (myself included).