This Supercut Of Sad Movie Moments Is So Emotional

It is easy to forget the power of movies when you are not sitting in a theater or indulging in that one film that hits you straight in the heart every time you watch it, but for most people, just mentioning certain iconic movie scenes can bring tears to their eyes. The YouTubers behind Burger Fiction understands the power of sad movie moments and have created what could be the most moving movie supercut of all time to illustrate the unique ability of film to make you feel. Guys, the empathy for fictional characters is about to get real, so prepare yourselves now.

The video cleverly does not rely on a singular trope. Instead, it switches between scenes of friendship, death, goodbyes, and a whole lot of Pixar. The end result is a video that will leave you sobbing, and also reminiscing about all of the times movies have made you feel not just sad, but uplifted, brokenhearted, and emotionally satisfied. The one thing each scene has in common is that they all probably made you shed some tears.

Fair warning, there is a section of the video devoted to saying goodbye to beloved pets that features moments from Marley & Me, Old Yeller, and The Fox and the Hound. Animal lovers beware, this particular section will completely destroy you, but honestly there's not one moment included in this supercut that won't leave you reaching for the tissues. This video is a masterpiece of movie emotions that is bound to hit you straight in your feels.

Burger Fiction has done a number of less wrenching supercuts in the past, but the video-making duo of Andy Schneider and Jonathan Britnell have outdone themselves this time. Movies have always had the power to move people, to make them laugh, gasp, and get fighting mad, but it is their power to make people cry that is so mysterious and remarkable. From the toys of Toy Story facing the incinerator to the death of Thomas J. in My Girl, movies bring tears to your eyes for a whole host of reasons.

By including movies from 1942 straight through 2014, the video gives you an excellent overview of some of cinematic history's most talked about tear-inducing moments. Even if the movie that makes you cry the most didn't make the cut, the video will still take you back to that moment in the theater or on your couch when you watched a scene that made you feel more than you though fiction could ever make you feel. The experience of watching the supercut is overwhelming, but in the best way possible.

As E.T. and Elliot demonstrate in their famous goodbye scene, your heart can get a serious "ouch" from a powerful movie moment, but there is beauty in the pain. Movies connect you to the world around you and to every person you meet. It is only human to cry over Ellie and Carl's love story in Up . Watch the supercut of movie tears and rejoice at just how incredible movies are even when they make you sob uncontrollably.

Image: Pixar