Is Jordan Rodgers' Ex-Girlfriend Watching 'The Bachelorette'? Um, Let's Hope Not

Now that we're just about three weeks into the new season of The Bachelorette, everyone in Bachelor Nation is starting to get a pretty good read on the contestants vying for JoJo's heart. Chad Johnson is undoubtedly the villain of Season 12, and Jordan Rodgers seems to be the shady one, who may be there for The Wrong Reasons. In fact, his ex-girlfriend had some choice words following the premiere, but is Jordan Rogers' ex-girlfriend watching The Bachelorette every week?

Well, as you may remember if you like digging into the histories of these Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants as much as I do, Jordan's ex-girlfriend is Brittany Farrar, a trainer living in Nashville, according to Reality Steve. She appears to be close friends with Olivia Munn, who is dating Jordan's brother Aaron (you know, the quarterback of the Green Bay Packers and the person all Jordan's fellow contestants compare him to). Plus, Farrar called out Jordan's alleged "BS" on The Bachelorette premiere in an Instagram post the following day, claiming the reason their relationship ended was because he allegedly cheated, not that his career got in the way as the football player claimed on the show. ABC declined to comment on the allegations, and Jordan could not be reached directly for comment.

So, it seems Farrar at least watched the season premiere of The Bachelorette — or a faithful friend watched the episode for her and gave her a run down of what happened — but has she been tuning in since? Unfortunately, it's difficult to tell. Farrar hasn't made any mention of The Bachelorette on Instagram since her post following the premiere episode. Instead, she's been focused on the people she trains and offering tips on healthy eating. Additionally, Farrar doesn't have a public Twitter or Facebook account, so Instagram is all we have to go by.

For now, it's unclear if Farrar is watching her ex-boyfriend try to win the heart of a new woman on national television. But, when I put it like that, would anyone actually want to watch that? I certainly wouldn't. At least, not without some close friends, a bottle of wine, and maybe a puppy (since that's my recipe for making any situation better). So, if Farrar isn't watching this season of The Bachelorette, I definitely don't blame her.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC