Tahani On 'SYTYCD' Shared Her Happiness With Paula

I have a new role model — and it's 12-year-old hip-hop dancer Tahani, whose audition was shown during the June 6 episode of So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation. After a great audition, Tahani threw up on So You Think You Can Dance judge Paula Abdul. But instead of getting embarassed or upset about her involuntary bodily function, the young dancer shook it off like a champ. I don't know many people — adults or kids — who could have handled puking on national television with such panache, so I can't wait to see more of Tahani when she heads to the Academy.

Tahani was just one of many charismatic dancers who showed their talents during the Chicago auditions for The Next Generation, but her performance to Beyoncé's "Countdown" was particularly fierce. (How can an audition to the music of Beyoncé not be fierce?) Judges Jason Derulo, Nigel Lythgoe, and Paula all stood up after her audition, each waving a ticket to the Academy in their hands. In her excitement, Tahani went down to hug the judges and after successfully hugging Nigel, she moved over to Paula. Things turned quickly sour though, as when she was hugging Paula, Tahani threw up on the judge just a little bit. Tahani apologized and Paula commented how it had been an entirely new experience for her to be thrown up on like that.

At first I thought she was vomiting from the exertion of her audition, but Tahani told host Cat Deeley that Paula had squeezed her just a bit too tight and that all of her "happiness came out." I mean, how cool is that? Not only can this girl dance, but she is amazingly confident and joyful.

After vomiting, Tahani was shown running out of the auditorium to celebrate the fact that she would be moving onto the next round of the dance competition and seemed completely unfazed. Tahani showed you shouldn't be embarassed about something that happens to everyone and also something that you totally can't control. Plus, she was flying high on her awesome audition. Tahani may not be the first person to throw up during an audition for So You Think You Can Dance, but she's definitely the person who has done it with the most style.

Image: FOX