Mother Finds "Drugs" In Her Daughter's Room, With One Hilarious Plot Twist

Parents are always looking out for you and your health, whether it's making sure you're putting on that extra sweater during the winter or giving you a lot of sex talks that you thought you didn't need. A prime example of this can be Ashley's mother, who thought her daughter had drugs in her room and confronted her about it. The exchange goes from funny to downright hysterical in a matter of seconds.

There is an unspoken rule between parents and their kids — parents should never snoop in their children's rooms. It's not because kids are vicious monsters that don't want anything to do with their parentals. No. This rule is in place because kids know that parents are going to find condemning evidence of their personal lives. All the embarrassing objects and diary entries we don't want to talk about are hidden in crevices and mattresses all throughout our bedrooms. If our folks find them, there will be A Conversation that neither party wants to have with each other. Ever. Even if your parents are super cool about stuff. In Ashley's case, she made a rookie mistake. She gave her mother permission to look in her nightstand.

The following text exchange is so all-American I couldn't help but crack a smile. Upon finding unmarked pills in her daughter's drawer, Ashley's mother grounded her and warned her about a forthcoming punishment once her father got back from California. All this because of a calculator Ashley's sister needed for the SAT. Like a seasoned pro, Ashley handled the situation in the best way possible.

Let's look at the conversation more closely. Without thinking about her actions, Ashley gave her mother permission to inspect her personal nightstand drawer. She obviously forgot what was inside. Ashley's mother was happy to provide a photographic reminder.


Oh, what a treat it is to see a mother react so quickly to someone else's stuff! It's great because you know exactly how the other person feels and you are so happy it isn't you! If this was me, I would go into full on damage control. Ashley handled herself much better. She told her mother to put the pills in water. Even after her mom question her, she stood firm on that.


Her mother's worry melts away and turns into an amazing jab. Why did Ashley have a bunch of magic grow capsules in her drawer? By her bed. At 16 years of age. My initial thought was that this was all a huge red herring to keep her mother from finding the really bad stuff. Then I thought about it and realized Ashley is just a dope chick and if she wants to have magic grow capsules in her nightstand then she should be able to. Rock on, Ashley. Hopefully your mother took you out for ice cream after this whole ordeal.

Images: Twitter, Pixabay