Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa Celebrate Their Divorce Settlement, But Not For The Reason You May Think

Usually when celebrities get divorced, it tends to be sad news. But that's not the case for Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa. Despite some rockiness when they first split, these exes are all smiles now. On Monday, Rose and Khalfia celebrated reaching their divorce settlement. Yes, you read that correctly: They celebrated. But chances are, it's not the aspect you thought they would be joyous about. Rose shared the surprising news on Twitter and wrote:

It's awesome to hear that instead of celebrating their newfound singledom and no longer being married, they're focusing on the fact that they're staying in each other's lives in a positive capacity. As Rose wrote, "our love 4 each other ... never goes away." That's a powerful statement and shows that just because their relationship ended, it doesn't mean there has to be bad blood. It's especially great to hear for their son Sebastian's sake, that his parents are able to at least be cordial and believe in the value of love. There's no denying that their custody battle previously got pretty heated, but by now, it's practically ancient history.

Considering the couple filed for divorce way back in September 2014, I'm sure part of the celebrating was that they finally reached a settlement after that long of a time. And in case you were curious, TMZ reported that Rose and Khalifa celebrated their settlement at a strip club. Part of me isn't entirely surprised by this, but it does flip the situation you may expect to happen when someone gets divorced. If I had to guess, a newly single person would hit up the strip club by themselves or a group of friends — not with their ex-spouse.

Speaking of their settlement, it seemed to work out well for both of them. According to TMZ, Rose will get $1 million, plus an additional $14,800 per month in child support. Meanwhile, Khalifa will get their home in Pennsylvania and 10 cars. The fact that they could settle things without it getting heated is a testament to their maturity and respect for one another. Props to Rose and Khalifa for focusing on love, even during a divorce.