Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa Decide To End Messy Custody Battle & Co-Parent Their 2-Year-Old Son

The custody battle between Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa hasn't been a pretty one. Ever since the two announced their divorce in September, there have been cheating rumors and Twitter rants — none of which sound pleasant. Plus, the fact that Wiz Khalifa bashed Amber Rose in the song "For Everybody" definitely didn't help the situation. It was unnecessary and insulting, to say the least. Despite those harsh lyrics, it looks like Wiz's way with words is actually working in his favor now. After hearing his song "See You Again," Amber Rose reportedly decided to call a truce on her custody battle with Wiz Khalifa, so they can co-parent their 2-year-old son Sebastian.

In the song from the Furious 7 soundtrack, Khalifa says,

How could we not talk about family when family's all that we got?Everything I went through you were standing there by my sideAnd now you gonna be with me for the last ride

According to TMZ, Wiz Khalifa had asked Amber Rose to listen to the song, and after she did, she reached out to him. They ultimately agreed to work together when it comes to raising their son, which is finally some good news.

Proving she really does value her son's well-being, Amber Rose recently posted on Instagram about how she won't be sharing any more photos of Sebastian, because she doesn't want him to be in the middle of any drama. This decision is definitely respectable and shows she just wants what's best for her child.

Regardless of what's happened in the past, it's great to hear that these Wiz and Amber are moving forward in a positive way and trying to figure out the right solution for Sebastian. Wishing them all the best!