6 Ways You Can Still Have Sex When You're Sick

File this under things that are definitely not awesome: Getting horny when you’re sick. Sure, you can masturbate, but what if you’re craving your partner? Obviously you can say sorry boo, not tonight — that’s probably what I’d do — but there are other options for getting it on when you’re sick that won’t put your partner in danger of getting sick themself.

Because beyond the fact that your body is probably doing very unsexy things when it’s sick, another consideration when you or your partner is sick and you both want to get down is definitely the fact that you don’t want get your parter sick, too. Someone has to bring you tissues and chicken soup, after all! If they go down for the count, who will make sure you’re not dribbling on your computer when you pass out while watching TV?

So what’s a horny sicko to do? Go without? Suffer from both illness and lack of sex and a sexually frustrated partner? Nope! Here are six ways you can get it on when you’re sick, from stripping for your partner to having hot Skype sex from the other room, because you may even find hot new ways to role play:

1. Do A Striptease


The key here is no touching, right? Sure, you might have to pause every few minutes to blow your nose or sneeze, but why not let your partner masturbate while you give them a nice little show? Alternatively, you, the sick one, could masturbate and your partner could strip for you. Just make sure the not sick one is out of sneezing range.

2. Have Skype Sex


If you’re really, really determined not to get each other sick, have Skype sex from the other room! Seriously, go into separate rooms and role play like you’re far away from each other. Personally I think Skype sex is super hot and it’s something that doesn’t really happen if you’re in an LTR with someone who lives in the same place as you. Why not take the chance to bring it back into your life?

3. Masturbate Together


This one’s a classic because it’s easy and you’ll both get off quickly. Masturbate together! Who doesn’t like watching their partner get off?

4. Do Some Hospital Role Playing


Face masks. Rubber gloves. Little paper hats. Nurse’s outfits. All of these things can be turned into fun sex toys if you’re down for a little role play. Bonus: You’re largely protected from any germs flying around.

5. Oral Only


Probably best if the person who’s not sick does this one. The idea of going down on someone with a clogged nose does not sound fun.

6. Use Your Hands!


Just make sure you wash them before and after! Hands are notorious for spreading germs, folks, so if you're not going the full-on medical role play route with rubber gloves when you pleasure your partner, make sure to wash up well.

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