Should You Change Your Razor More In The Summer?

Remember that commercial featuring all those women and their silky, smooth pins that had Bananarama’s “Venus” playing in the background? Well, if you want your legs to “Reveal the goddess in you,” you might want to think about how often you should change your razor this summer. Now I’m not endorsing any razor in particular here – I personally use whatever blade is within reachable distance from the shower — but that was a pretty good ad, wasn’t it? But I digress.

I don’t know if you suffer the same affliction, but no matter which brand of razor I use, my hair seems to sprout back within a few hours. It doesn’t matter whether it’s leg hair, armpit hair, bikini line hair; my body hair does not want to be tamed. Part of me wonders if I should just quit shaving altogether, but I do enjoy the feeling of freshly shaved legs, plus controlling my body hair in other areas seems to have a positive impact on my body odor.

Of course, there’s always waxing, but waxing depends on a few necessary factors: How brave you are, your pain threshold, if you have enough disposable income to spend on waxes, and if you’ve got the time to visit the salon regularly. There are a number of other hair removal methods, but IMO, the most convenient is shaving.

So, if you're someone who likes parts of their body hair-free, chances are, you're probably going to shave this summer, even if shaving's not your preferred method of hair removal. There may come a time when you can't fit in your appointment and you have to go for second best and reach for the razor, because when the sun is shining there are always last minute plans that might involve you wanting to feel sleek AF.

According to the Learning To Shave section on Gillette Venus' website, inside an article informing girls how to have "A Sensational Sleepover" Gillette informed readers how often they should change their razor blades. The article states, " should replace razor blades at the first sign of dullness or discomfort. For most girls, this is after about 5 – 10 shaves." It's good to bear in mind that perhaps a girl going through puberty might not have as much body hair as a grown ass woman, so that amount of "shaves" may not be so relevant. In addition to this, different brands of razors and different types of blades (i.e. single or triple blades) may also have varying shelf lives. However, the point about replacing blades when you can feel they're not at their best is, IMO, fantastic advice.

An important element to consider is how often you shave "normally" and how often you shave in summer, or the warmer months. If you live somewhere that has a hot climate near enough all year round – lucky you – you likely won't see much of a difference. But, if you're located somewhere with noticeable seasons, you may end up shaving more in the summer. If you're a gal who always wears pants and rarely has her arms out, even in summer, you also probably won't shave as often. The bottom line is, if you're using your razor more in the summer, you'll likely need to change it more often, because it will end up becoming more dull the more often you use it. Simple, right?

Whether you shave regularly, rarely, or not at all, make sure you get out there and have the best summer yet!

Images: Wendy Hero (1)/Pexels; kropekk_pl (2), adamkontor (1)/Pixabay